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To enhance competition ability, sakana serves as an ash the mouth is cast-iron cast an industry with nodular cast iron, the decision makes a domain assume the job of more working procedure in wind electric machinery. Although do not have the experience of organic treatment respect, but the collaboration with Soraluce of machine tool manufacturer, the machines bracket and hub technically new student that became this company produces the successful hinge of establishment. As the supplier ceaseless pursuit increases value, not scarce to manufacturer, but Lakber of manufacturer of component of wind electric machinery may be a kind of special example (graph 1) . This company was founded around Spanish north Pamplona 2008, it is the first of treatment of machine of sortie of Sakana of cast-iron industry parent company and paint domain new company, this decision answered what OEM client puts forward to let this company interiorly implement the proposal of more production working procedure. Because experience is done not have in machine treatment and paint domain, this casts what company place needs is the machine tool supplier that can supply appropriate equipment not only. Enter component of wind electric machinery to machine a domain to ask to find a major and seasoned partner, want to be able to be offerred from 0 start this brand-new the professional experience with business indispensible place. Graph boring machine of a of 1 Lakber company large Soraluce was machining Labker of bracket of wind electric machinery to find such partner, the Soraluce of boring machine manufacturer that it is subordinate of Danobat group company (graph 2) . "In two years in, we reveal formerly only at written project, one of items that successful development makes hub of the world's most reliable wind electric machinery and bracket manufacturer (graph 3) , this is the feedback information that we obtain when the client is visited. " Alejandro Martinez of Lakber general manager expresses. Graph 2 besides supply equipment besides, soraluce company still produced the effect of reliable partner, provided experience of machine treatment major, satisfied companionate company to be started as the novice that machines experience without any previous engine always contract the need that type wind electric machinery makes professional work pursues 3 use at machining hub of electric machinery of such as wind and bracket although the large cutting tool of such large parts undertakes process of more production process, but realize this responsibility to ask investment exceeds 20 million euro. After considering other program, such as cent wraps this kind of job to give the plan of tripartite, sakana company decides, through obtaining the flexibility that the production that can get used to a client to change ceaselessly asks, and process of will total production is compositive the cost effectiveness advantage in same industrial district, can let this investment achieve favorable beneficial result. Accordingly, the company plans build a new manufacturing plant, itself of this plant facilities is annual the productivity of 16000t is thrown technically to wind energy component to make entirely. Former plant also has the productivity of 16000t, these ability will be released, center at production relatively engine of component of diminutive wind electric machinery and machine tool, shipping and other industry product. Soraluce always is contracting the professional experience on the project made definition new machine tool and fittings demand, and even one of crucial essential factor of factory layout rationalize. "They offerred proposal of craft of boring machine, clamping apparatus, treatment, cutting tool, NC to us machine program and more project, still have what can obtain through offerring a large number of congener solution gift only ' spot knowledge ' . " Mr Martinez says, "From this project at the beginning, we spread out synchronous project to design cooperation, the intellectual level that machines Lakber the respect in hub and bracket machine from it is the 0 levels that upgrade to have crucial place in the market almost, provide good service for global client. " the main facility of this company included 5 boring machine, its X, Y and Z axis journey are 14000 × 5000 × 1600mm. These boring machine used the main shaft nose that is used technically at treatment of wind electric machinery and automatic nose to change system. Every boring machine joined two to deploy full automatic change rotate a the work station of workbench, automatic cutting tool changes cooling fluid function and of all kinds component and cutting tool probe flow inside system, main shaft. Lakber returned investment to purchase about 400 standards and custom-built cutting tool and laser of a LEICA to dog measure equipment (graph 4) . Graph 4Lakber company uses laser of a Leica to dog the measuring instrument will check a key to machine appearance feature to produce component norms limits to be 8 ~ 24t, involve material purify quantity to amount to 2t, such manufacturing task cannot treat sth lightly absolutely, because one is touched namely by the cost of rejection component,go up the profit of a few months. Lakber listed a series of crucial technologies, these technologies ensured those who machine a process is reliable not only, and the time that saved stuff, it is OK to make employee OK center energy to had been done more the job of appreciation. These technologies included " intelligence " knife library, deployed a join to come the appearance of cutting tool preliminary adjustments of every machine tool; An ERP system that develops by oneself, can help control produce working load of machine tool of cost, government and easy work out to produce a plan; All sorts of software link come total knife library and every knife library of the machine tool, help handlers avoids to search the time with wasteful place of missing cutting tool; And the measurement of a join to a database system, use at making the checking detailed list of every component and every client. The investment value that with global each district the fact of a large number of clients proved to start place to need is worth Lakber somewhat. Concern of business of great majority client is batch of a few components in the begining before turning production try treatment, use at producing the dependability of the process certainly. Additional, this company still notices, manufacturing process must satisfy tolerancepublic errand, surface not only bright and clean spend and other requirement, can offer the treatment cycle that has competition ability even. Mr Martinez expresses, this builds a course to groom with respect to the requirement and the group of active and active job, dedicated improve continuously at coming true, and the success that he also gains company to this day is attributed to this group. In fact, only the production that the manufacturing process of a year of company uses the head at 10 kinds of prototype permissibly. For all that, the equipment of Soraluce and may mainer professional experience produce the success that the factory gains newly to this to have decisive sense. "Although invite applications for a job the grooms via development personnel that has substantial opportunity to machine experience, but still need to have the partner that suits truly. " Mr Martinez says so, " the circumstance with respect to us, the partner is a crucial condition, because we are a new companies that do not have any experience in this domain, this also is why the technical responsibility of machine treatment process can fall on Soraluce company body. This also is why the technical responsibility of machine treatment process can fall on Soraluce company body.. CNC Milling CNC Machining