Shallow talk about CNC Milling the importance to the knife

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CNC Milling is equipment of a kind of when rise in the development on foundation of traditional milling machine new-style numerical control, compare with photograph of traditional milling machine, the treatment craft of CNC Milling is basic and changeless, structure also essentially similar. But because CNC Milling uses numerical control technology, can machine outline appearance to compare complex part consequently, have a spare parts to machine the characteristic with strong adaptability than traditional milling machine. Can machine the complex curve part that depicts with mathematical model and curved surface of three dimensional space for instance kind spare parts; still has the functional;CNC Milling that after machining the fixed position that hold clip, can undertake much talk working procedure machines a spare parts to machine precision tall, the pulse equivalent of numerical control device is commonly 0.

001mm, manufacturing automation rate is high, not only the labor intensity that can reduce handlers, the operation error;CNC Milling that still can avoid effectively to operate personnel does not need to use special fixture commonly, changing the machine program in when processing work, needing to adjust numerical control device only, tool that hold clip and adjust cutting tool data, accordingly, CNC Milling can make work efficiency gets rising apparently. CNC Milling cent is the library that take a knife and do not take knife library two kinds big, the CNC Milling that takes knife library among them calls machining center again. When choosing CNC Milling cutting tool, want a basis to be machined the choice such as function of requirement of quality of the geometrical appearance of the spare parts, material, surface, cutting and mental allowance is rigid the cutting tool with good, tall durability. The horn before the angle of milling cutter has, hind horn, tool cutting edge angle, deputy slant dip of horn, blade, to satisfy different treatment need, a variety of angle set type. To CNC Milling treatment, its machine measure to basically be craft computation of analysis, maths, process designing and imitate, right knife, try cut, the link such as formal treatment. Among them, a when make sure CNC Milling machines quality important segment is pair of knives, because the treatment process of CNC Milling itself is according to the work out the program has pilot,this is, build correct and reasonable coordinate to fasten only, ability assures the rationality of contrail of cutting tool motion, assure to machine quality then. CNC Milling coordinate fastens cent to be department of machine tool coordinate and mechanical coordinate to fasten two kinds, among them department of machine tool coordinate is the coordinate department that builds as coordinate origin with machine tool reference point, and the important basis that mechanical coordinate value just is position of judgement cutting tool. To CNC Milling, because workpiece origin is a; ,move a point, the ability of mechanical coordinate value that decides workpiece origin only will weave the program applies CNC Milling well and truly in treatment, and the mechanical coordinate cost that means well and truly certain work origin must pass pair of knives to come true. CNC Milling CNC Machining