Collect of AGV commonly used acronym

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New-style car new term     AGV is Automated Guided Vehicle(guides automatically all the time make car) abbreviate. But come 15 years recently, in new-style car appears and rife applies in content shedding to carry, for example automatic trailer, carry a robot automatically, full automatic forklift. All sorts of car very much the same, summary rises 3 characteristics of AGV are: Nobody drive, centralize control, information delivers the development of industry acronym collect as industry of our country AGV, bring more and more projects that cross a state, for better understanding the market is mixed communicate with each country client, we will saw these AGV industry acronym whats represent: Automated (or Automatic) Guided Vehicle of – of acronym   AGV guides automatically make car. One kind is based on can standardize custom-builtly (wait like forklift) car platform, travel is in of established method nobody drive car, the efficient stock in be being used at production and content to flow is carried. Automated Guided Vehicle System(of AGVS – guides automatically) of the system that make a car, be based on the many AGV car below a system. Automated Guided Cart(of AGC – guides automatically bring trailer) , one kind is based on simple navigation (the lead that be like magnetism) use as the car that carries stock. Laser of Laser Guided Vehicle(of LGV – guides bring car) , be based on the AGV of laser navigation technology. Cole NDC is in Morgan on the century introduces laser navigation AGV system above all at the beginning of 90 time. Autonomous Mobile Robot(of AMR – carries robot) automatically. Outfit stock automata its nobody drive car, allow car freedom to choose method travel. Car needs to install installation easily, apply to the applied setting of productivity of service prep above. Proper-noun   Automated Lift Truck(carries forklift) automatically: The Driverless Vehicle/Self-driving Vehicle(of   of automatic navigation car that is based on standard forklift to transform nobody drive car / drive automatically car) : All car that do not need artificial operation in workshop and storage setting. Also point to in industrial automation drive automatically car. ) of mobile robot of Mobile Robots (: This kind of car does not need fixed navigation route system, the robot sweeps the floor commonly in be similar to a family. Summary   AGV guides automatically bring car to be able to be elaborated from a lot of respects, using a word to sum up its basic function is: Efficient and safe have stock nodding is opposite nodding carry. Samuel Alexandersson, the job that I like product sale manager most is constant challenge innovation, will satisfy the requirement that the market changes ceaselessly with this. The bitter fleabane break out of AGV industry is exhibited, make our need more dedicated seek an opportunity, have an insight into the market, be analysed from which and find out Chang Youcheng of in-house and associated dispute to feel. My main job is analysis and the market fractionize that forecast future, locate more competitive product is combined from this. In the market environment of this globalization, it is a colleague not just, still having the client that comes from world each district and partner is my powerful power source. CNC Milling CNC Machining