Apply Bei Jialai PCC to realize extruder intelligence to turn control

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Preface makes the same score as domestic bldg. development and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise, window of model steel door with its environmental protection, energy-saving, beautiful, practical waited for a characteristic to replace aluminium alloy door to the window reachs iron gate window and raise very tall requirement to the demand of different profile gradually, the technology that this promotes different profile to squeeze a production to equip necessarily upgrades with change. What the control system of extruder of inchoate different profile uses is lukewarm accuse appearance to add relay to control plain perhaps PLC logic, circuit is complex, maintain it is difficult to reach maintenance, the operation is no-go also at the same time, affected the quality that produces efficiency and profile product. Abroad's main different profile extruder produces business, be like Badufeier, xinxinnadi, tai Sen control system is changed to control fashion in order to replace a tradition in the intelligence that B&R PCC used at the beginning of 90 time, huge raised the production of extruder to control a standard. Accordingly, be based on the intelligence of B&R PCC to change control system will be direction of development of extruder automation system, the article controls PCC of introductory Bei Jialai the system to be squeezed in profile of blessing cropland different be born produce on-line application. Configuration of 1 system of Bei Jialai PCC should control a system to use on, issue a machine to run control way, go up a machine use the PROVIT-2000 series class with powerful function to accuse machine, 10.

Monitor of 4 inches of LCD, complete Chinese operates an interface; Issue a machine to use high-powered but series of PCC-2003 of controller of process designing computer, finalize the design machine of cut of stage, drawing introduces CAN bus line respectively patulous module; Match with B&R temperature module with PID lukewarm those who accuse software to replace a tradition is lukewarm accuse to express; With RS485 bus line communication means controls 3 Fuji transducer. This control system can is opposite on man-machine interface all fronts centers monitoring; Drawing machine can be in lead plane, finalize the design 3 ground control machine of stage, drawing adjust, went to the lavatory greatly set interconnected system moves production; With complete number communication means controls transducer, can realize all fronts synchronism exact timing; High accuracy accuses lukewarm, have electric current of thermal treatment zone to monitor with show; Automatic breakdown calls the police with random help function; Whole system configuration and control function achieve international banner level. The system configures block diagram to pursue as follows. 2 machines intelligence is changed 2.

The develops B&R PCC controller of 1 software uses operating system of time-sharing much task, because this can ask control to be divided into many tasks (Task) and carry out at the same time inside cycle of a scanning; The development language of 6 kinds of standards such as composition of a picture of watch of graph of the C of level of support of Automaton Studio of environment of the process designing below Windows, Basic, echelon, instruction, ordinal knot; Can be in according to need same a variety of languages are used to undertake process designing in the project. In the meantime, substantial function library is included to reach functional piece in process designing environment (Function Block) , reduced the workload that develops personnel greatly. Covering the software development of the PCC in controlling a system originally, we basically were used give priority to with C language, echelon graph is complementary process designing means. As a result of the implementation of time-sharing much task, we ask control to cent is a few following parts: (1) temperature is controlled (C language) use PIDxh function, can control infinite route thermoregulation. In this system, ordinary control 10 to 12 lukewarm accuse. Because use, is C language, a few does our OK and dynamic definition have currently the road is lukewarm accuse. (2) transducer communication is controlled (C language) use FrameDriver writes the communication agreement with Fuji transducer. Actually, because Frame Driver is agreement of a free communication, can go up in any serial interface (like RS232, RS485/422, TTY) the transducer communication agreement that writes any brands; Same, this also apply to the intelligent appearance that contains communication port. (3) subsidiary engine is controlled (echelon pursues) control cut machine, drawing machine, the motion of the machine such as vacuum stage. (4) data block control (C language) memory all sorts of system parameter. (5) breakdown detects reach call the police (C language) detect the breakdown in moving, undertake protective to machinery, offer a variety of calling the police mode. Go up the process designing of a machine uses V B language. V B is visible programming language, have accuse in great quantities can use, because this is OK very easy development goes the man-machine interface like trend graph. On, the news report that issues a machine relies on B&R PVI agreement. B&R offers a communication to accuse a PVIControl.

Ocx. Need to accuse this only in inserting VB program, this are generated to accuse on Form example defines variable and corresponding list, can visit all variable in PCC. Because the factory runs the requirement that go up, need records all sorts of data in producing a course, be like parameter, when class size, call the police record, electric Electromechanical flows, add the sequel such as thermocurrent, want to save afore-mentioned data a few months, accordingly, we used the Mdb database that generates by Access to undertake reading writing through O D B C. This database can be called at any time and generate forms for reporting statistics to be used in order to offer manufacturer home analysis. 2.

The implementation that 2 intelligence change is changed to controlling systematic intelligence, expression is in the following respects: (1) needs a variety of parameter from the control that gets used to functional extruder (like temperature set, rotate speed set) , have conclusive effect to dominating the result. The setting of these parameter often needs what operate personnel adroitly to accumulate experience. Accordingly, we use function of self-study be used to in software, OK and automatic or the parameter that the hand moves a record to issue place of the system below different period of time, different raw material, different pattern to need, in depositing the data module at PCC, can call at any time; Also can move set to be finished automatically through the hand from heat to arrive to heat preservation press the control that give. As a result of extruder heat or cooling means diversification (if use,be core Wen Jia is hot, wind cold or it is oily cold) , common lukewarm accuse watch or PID adjuster to undertake hard accurate lukewarm accuse; And software of PIDxh of temperature of B&R company intelligence can be calculated automatically the PID parameter of a different lukewarm need accusing place, make temperature control arrives accurately ℃ of ± 1. (2) breakdown detects reach warning function to be in normal production process, if encounter trouble, need to be handled in time. Conventional control system cannot show breakdown account, it is difficult that consequently maintenance rises. And in this system, everything appears very easy. Extruder calls the police mediumly to divide roughly for: Temperature calls the police, transducer or electric machinery call the police, mechanical movement calls the police. As a result of lukewarm those who accuse to use is software centralize control, because this is OK,show actual temperature and set temperature to undertake calling the police to overheating or low temperature thereby on man-machine interface directly; Control what the system is opposite each to heat at the same time unit undertakes monitoring, declare heating unusual state in order to follow times. The control of transducer is to use means of RS485 bus line, the state of alarm when because this can be read directly,taking transducer trouble can be on man-machine interface direct restoration. In the meantime, through spacing switch or judgement of contact Yi Ke finalizes the design the breakdown on the machinery such as machine of cut of stage, drawing. All calling the police that can try to record so that be examined in the future,save, can be opposite according to breakdown grade the system goes to be answered differently from the movement. So, once malfunction, operation personnel can inquire breakdown reason from inside man-machine interface and handle instantly. (3) ego protects a function to move to make extruder can safe, need undertakes the protection of whole side to its. Typical, in value of set of temperature short of, and if heat preservation time is insufficient, prohibit advocate screw is started. (4) manages by different levels in functional man-machine interface, the operand that can make differ through code name and password has different operation limits of authority, record the act of have drills author. Accordingly, of operation attributive of the worker and technical personnel different, and manufacturer home may have taller the attributive of one class. The profit that such doing is to reduce factitious interference, prevent to the operation brings needless trouble and can undertake administrative to handlers by accident. (5) is diagnosed remotely with network function (optional) support to offer a technology in time for final user, b&R PCC can undertake through line and Modem long-range and online diagnose and give out corresponding solution. Change as manufacturing dimensions, a lot of client need undertake to much stage extruder the network manages hand-in-hand travel to be controlled remotely. And the current position that takes each line is read to be able to dominate product line directly even on the terminal computer that B&R PCC permits to pass aether to net and computer are linked together and can be in the office, implementation canal accuses unifinication. (Because 6) database function used labour to accuse machine, because this can record data parameter, make data etc automatically and can have pool through the network, aggrandizement produces government. (7) operation is simple and easy although should control a system to have so powerful function, but human nature changes interfacial design, equitable key-press distribution and rich and online help, make an operation very apt. The PLC with 3 conclusion traditional contrast, want to come true afore-mentioned all sorts of functions, very difficult. And what this system depends on B&R PCC technology to go up is banner and blessing field company's old in model machine industry experience, make this control system can develop a success inside shorter time, this system is controlling function and control not only international is achieved on precision banner level, can change a respect to precede in administrative wisdom more one pace, for different profile manufacturing company realized factory automation to offer a condition. CNC Milling CNC Machining