The CNC Machining of function equation curve

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Introduced curve of equation of two kinds of function to machine a method. One kind is to be directly on machining center system, use the treatment side the computation side function operation function. Another kind is the function equation that gives according to place in CAD the picture gives a figure, program of cutting tool contrail is generated to undertake machining in CAM. Brief introduction of method of 1 CNC Machining is in CNC Machining, current process designing method has two kinds normally: ① simple outline -- the outline that linear, circular arc comprises, use the G code process designing of numerical control system directly. ② complex outline -- outline of three-dimensional curved surface, software of automatic process designing is used in the computer (CAD/CAM) picture gives three-dimensional figure, according to set of curved surface type all sorts of corresponding parameter, create CNC Machining program automatically. Method of two kinds of process designing basically can satisfy above the requirement of CNC Machining. But when machining outline of function equation curve very difficult, because system of inchoate milling machine numerical control does not have function operation function, cannot weave with G code directly the machine program that gives function equation curve, (Version is inferior) CAD/CAM software also does not have the function that inputs a graph by equation directly normally. So outline of curve of cutting function equation, the method that uses normally at present is: According to blueprint requirement, the coordinate that nods each on cipher out curve, use according to the coordinate value of cipher out again linear or program of work out of code of circular arc instruction, manual input system undertakes machining. Workload of this kind of method is very big, and computation sits in great quantities punctuation makes mistake easily. To solve above problem, the article introduces two kinds of practical function equation curves to machine a method. The treatment method of curve of equation of two kinds of 2 function pursues the function operation function that curve of 1 round involute uses machining center system undertakes machining using function operation function on machining center, according to equation of contrail of cutting tool center, with approach machine program of law work out point-blank. Because press aleatoric outline curve equation direct process designing, numerical control system cannot undertake the knife fills, must be based on outline curve equation to beg an equation of contrail of cutting tool center with mathematical method so. This method is on machining center system, with a few very few loops the instruction can weave a machine program, and proofread convenient. For example, a paragraph of round involute is machined on the machining center of stock SIEMENS system, equation of its rectangular coordinates is X=r(cost+tsint) , equation of Y=r(sint-tcost) polar coordinates is R=2.

In 228(1+t2)½ type: R -- extremely radius, mm T -- involute angle, rad, start horn P/4, stop angle 19 in this in, circle involute origin rotates 2p, involute deflection a pitch (2pr=14) . It is 6mm like use milling cutter diameter, namely contrail of cutting tool center slants buy: , criterion reference axis rotates corresponding angle is: 14/360=3/A, a=77.

143 ° clockwise. Process designing uses polar coordinates equation, its coordinate is worth angle to be T-tl. See a picture 1. The program block diagram that uses staff of function operation function sees a picture 2. The program is as follows the machine program that %88(weaves with function operation function) N00 T8 D8N05 G54 S700 M03N10 G58 X0 Y0 A-77.

143: Coordinate rotates N15 R50=-8 R60=3 R61=0 R64=0 R65=0.

78 54: Milling deepness every time 8, divide 3 times, start angle 0.

7854radN20 G00 X2.

228Y0-5: Move curvilinear start N25 R52=0N30 R51=1 R55=R52*180/3.

1416R66=19N35 @614 R53 R51 R52N40 R54=2.

228*R53 R56=2.

228*R52N45 R57=R56/R54N50 @634 R58 R57: Computational TlN55 R59=R55-R58: Computational T-tlN60 G11 G64 X0 Y0 U=R54 A=R59 F150: N65 R52=R52+0 of take the air line of G11 polar coordinates.

01: Angle increases N70 @123 R52 R65 K-30 of an increment size: Dot leaving a sword judges N75 G01 Z=R50 F50: Issue knife N80 @123 R52 R66 K-30: Whether does judgement arrive terminal N85 G00 Z5: Carry knife N90 R50=R50-8 R60=R60-1: N95 @126 R60 R61 K-20: Whether feed 3 N70 G00 Z50: Carry knife N75 M30: The end pursues what 2 programs block diagram undertakes with CAD/CAM generating program software is used at most at present machining CAD/CAM is MASTER-CAM, TEKSOFT, Hua Zhengmo provide software to wait, its are low the curve that version cannot draw equation of 2 dimension function to give out directly normally, can draw only by what comprise with circular arc point-blank simple 2 dimension curve and the batten curve that give out by coordinate dot. And with CAD software (be like drawing board of Hua Zheng electron) formulary curve function, can direct picture gives graph look. Use this one characteristic, the figure that should make electronic drawing board only is alternant file (DXF outputs a file) in extracting CAM system, go, with outline milling in CAD/CAM the function can create machine program. Send machine tool numerical control the system machine program with serial communication mouth next, undertake machining. In electronic drawing board the picture gives a figure, the generating program in CAM uses the formulary curve function in drawing board of Hua Zheng electron, the picture gives curve of equation of 2 dimension function. Particular operation move is as follows: Enter drawing board of Hua Zheng electron, choose advanced curve function, appear menu of advanced curve plot, formulary curve is chosen in this menu, menu of set of occurrence formula curve, see a picture 3. The set content of parameter set menu has: Curvilinear equation, initial cost, stop value, precision to control value, place to use coordinate department, unit. After set is over, click affirmatory [O] pushbutton, give a curve in the picture on screen instantly. After the picture gives a curve, the file that clicks entree sheet (F) pushbutton, falling in pulling menu, choose data interface, choose its again then child the DXF in menu is outputted (O) , keep the file the file that is DXF for patulous name, be like NW4.

DXF. Can quit drawing board of Hua Zheng electron. Enter CAM software, be like MASTERCAM, the entrance way that its operate is as follows: FILE, CONVERTERS, DXF. Numerate the NW4 in drawing board of Hua Zheng electron.

DXF file graph, turn again next put for NW4.

GE3 file graph (in 7.

NW4 is in 0 version.

MC7) . So far, the graph of the function equation curve that needs in CAM software has gotten. The outline milling function in CAM is being used below can create CNC Machining program. Main operation move is as follows: TOOLPATHS function is chosen in entree sheet, choose CONTOUR outline entrance then, name of set NCI file, definition outline, set milling parameter, can make a way of cutting tool contrail, carry out aftertreatment program to create machine program again then. Method of cutting tool contrail sees a picture 4, machine program is as follows: Graph menu of 3 parameter set pursues the program that 4 outline and %100 (of graph of cutting tool contrail create with CAM, the course is handled appropriately) N00 T8 D8N02 G54 S700 M03N04 G0 G90 X3.


7428N06 Z5N10 G1 Z-4.

F50N12 G1 X3.



N14 G3 X4.




7656N16 G1 X4.


375N18 G3 X4.




552N20 G1 X4.


9375... N114 G3 X-12.




1467N116 G1 X-13.


0861N118 G3 X-13.

3637Y- .


9175J- .

699N120 G1 X-13.


9939N122 G0 Z50.

N124 M05N132 M30% is like in the generating program in the CAD/CAM software of tall version with MASTERCAM7.

0, functional entrance is: CREAT, NEXT, FPLOT* , listed equation, initial cost, stop value, STEP SIZE to wait. And element of won't missing in graphical changeover graph. Method of the treatment after the picture gives a figure and A are identical. The note if outline curve counts composition by many case, need section to be drawn, the graph is changed " precision is controlled " the set of the value must appropriate, there is graph element to lose in the meeting in graphical changeover otherwise. The article provided two kinds of meanses that machine function curve, and the round involute force pump that is used at air conditioning is being machined on system of SIEMENS 820 machining center, obtained very good result. CNC Milling CNC Machining