The United States develops material of new-style diamond cutting tool

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The KD1405 that American Kennametal company develops is material of cutting tool of a kind of pure diamond. It has good tenacity, can improve the wearability of cutting tool significantly, using at successive turning and small negative charge intermittent when mill of turning, essence and half essence milling cutter are machined, cutting tool life and photograph of PCD cutting tool are compared, can raise 100% ~ 200% . KD1405 material is the blame that uses treatment tall wear-resisting material of iron a group of things with common features. Diamond material uses CVD craft preparation, do not contain binder. Make technology through using legal system of plasma blaze quadrature, can obtain the microstructure of pure diamond, the requirement that milling of competency of its obdurability enough machines. CNC Milling CNC Machining