Package machine brief history reach classification

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Package machine is to point to can finish all or what partial product and commodity pack a process is mechanical. The process that pack includes to fill up, wrap the main working procedure such as bag, heal, and the around working procedure related to its, if clean, caboodle is piled up and disassemble etc. In addition, pack still include metric or working procedure waits in the impression on package. Use machinery packs a product to be able to improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, get used to the need of mass production, satisfy clean healthful requirement. Package machine is the occurrence as the new material that pack, develop with the ceaseless innovation of the technology that pack. The papermaking technology that China invents, the generation that packs for paper on the history offerred a condition. World paper price fell greatly 1850, paper is packed begin to be used at food. Fertile benefit invention of the United States went out 1852 make paper bag machine, appear thereby paper products is mechanical. Germany built plant of the first package machine 1861, produced 1911 full automatic figuration fills up sealing machine. The United States began to produce engine of liquid fill outfit 1890, produced engine of outfit of gravitational type fill again 1902. At the beginning of 20 centuries, british Du Lande uses metallic container to save food, appear thereby all sorts of potted food that pack. 20 centuries since 60 time, new material replaces the traditional material that pack gradually, after using the plastic data that pack especially, package machine happening weighs revolution. Of the supermarket arisen, to commodity pack the requirement that put forward to update. Carry quick safety to assure commodity, container emerge as the times require, container body dimension also realized standardization and seriation gradually, make thereby package machine is perfected further and develop. Package machine has a variety of classification methods. Can separate the function that it is sheet by the function packer and muti_function packer; Can divide by use purpose for inner packing machine and outer packing machine; Can divide again by the breed that pack for special packer and general packer; Mix for semi-automatic machine by automation level cent full automatic machine. Shape - fill up - heal packer is a kind of muti_function packer. After stock enters the coping of packer, the product that metric part will decide good amount is ordinal send stock the passageway. The reel material that pack is in those who carry stock channel outside when the wall, by figuration implement winding becomes canister state, even if seal implement its fore-and-aft seam welding is sealed firm. The horizontal stroke is sealed implement the top that finishs the bag that pack is sealed and the bottom of next bag is sealed, make two welding line. Because issue makings passageway to be wrapped by bag bagging, after the bottom seals soldering and sealing but direct to next makings inside bag, move subsequently a labour the top that finish seals say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion, cut off with cutting tool, complete the process that pack. Reel packs material to have monolayer with compound. Of monolayer spend polyethylene like moistureproof cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene, high density, compound is like drawing polypropylene aluminum foil of cellophane / of / polyethylene, polyethylene / . Still have in addition can heat up sealed material to wait. Type of the heal that pack has pillow type heal, 3 edges heal and quadrilateral heal. Cartoning machine is packed with what sell at the product. Cartoning machine is the machine that is used at product consumer package, it loads the stock of a ration with metric course the box in, close the mouth part of the box or seal solid. Case machine is used at finishing to carry pack, it presses the finished product that pack in arranging means and ration to load box certainly, close the mouth part of box or seal solid. Cartoning machine and case machine all have container take shape (or open vessel) , metric, load, the function such as heal. Its model flow is: Fill outfit machine makes tube container locates, classics is metric the tail end that solid container seals after filling up, send to cartoning machine next. Cartoning machine first box base figuration, wrap tube with mount hind, box mouth closes in turning a case. Small box sends the stack in outfit is big machine via conveyor. After pile books an amount, big case base forms container with wrapping the means of the bag, load small box meanwhile among them, use glue seal. Big case carries the pile in case machine, achieve in the box that open is being loaded after booking an amount. After case, build case the heal that use gum by machine of the joint strip that seal box, seam together in lid tongue place stick with adhesive plaster or use strapping machine ties case pitch to originally. Machine of liquid fill outfit can be divided by fill outfit principle install machine and vacuum fill outfit to often press fill to install fill of machine, pressure machine. Often controlling fill outfit machine is the liquid leans below atmosphere force self-prossessed undertake fill is installed. Outfit machine divides this kind of fill to to time fill is installed and allow fill to install two kinds surely again, apply to fill to install low viscosity not to contain aeriform liquid to wait like milk, bishop only. Machine of pressure fill outfit is undertake below pressure of prep above air fill is installed, also can divide it is two kinds: One kind is the pressure inside crock of lay aside fluid and bottle medium pressure is equal, rely on a liquid self-prossessed flow into bottle medium and fill outfit, call wait for the outfit that press fill; Another kind is the pressure in the bottle of pressure prep above inside crock of lay aside fluid, the liquid relies on to press difference to flow into bottle inside, high speed product line uses this kind of method more. Machine of pressure fill outfit applies to the liquid fill outfit that contains gas, wait like beer, soda water, bubbly. Machine of vacuum fill outfit is the pressure in bottle falls under atmosphere force undertake fill is installed. Structure of machine of outfit of this kind of fill is simple, efficiency is taller, wider to the viscosity accommodation of stock, be like oil kind, syrup, wine all applicably. Its flow is commonly: The box that installs available bottle piles up go up in tray, send discharge tray plane by conveyer belt, debus of tray one by one, the case sends in discharge box machine along with conveyer belt, will empty bottle is taken out from inside the case, conveyer belt of empty eontainers classics sends the plane that wash box, via be being cleaned clean, carry case chance again by, the bottle that so that will be filled,has drink is loaded among them. From the empty bottle that discharge box machine takes out, send by another conveyer belt bottle washing machine is disinfected and clean, classics bottle examines machine examine, fill is entered to install machine and close over machine after according with clean standard. Beverage loads bottle by fill outfit machine in. Close over machine builds the bottle classics that installs good beverage to be sealed and carry the machine that stick label to stick label, caboodle tray machine sends to pile up again in sticking good label evacuation to case machine to load box stored in a barn sends the library on tray. The bottle fill that installs all sorts of beverage to use installs the flow essentially similar of automation line. But differ because of beverage property, use fill installs machine and gland machine to also differ. For example automation line of beer fill outfit is divided outside choosing appropriate fill to install gland machine, still raise a sterilization machine. The lid form that basis of close over machine uses (crown, lid coming back, plug lid) differ and choose corresponding machine to plant. CNC Milling CNC Machining