Laser Cutting: Is higher power = taller profit?

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Laser is having conclusive effect to the productivity of Laser Cutting system. However, lean power only and do not mean higher profit surely. Likewise important is whole system between each part perfect cooperate. Be not all Laser Cutting is like be being felt. Be in especially today, as all sorts of innovation technologies ceaseless emerge in large numbers, report also is having to corresponding machine differ significantly. And the client's footing is without doubt: They need the system that can have workpiece cut with high quality and low cost, make sure the job can be finished inside established time. The work that need completes inside unit time is increasing, make the investment of equipment can be inside the shortest time by amortize. Simple for: The manufacturing efficiency of Laser Cutting system is taller, gain capability is stronger. A when affect productivity of Laser Cutting system main factor is the laser that its carry. From the point of laser power, as one of banner suppliers that offer solution of whole of Sheet Metal Fabrication, 100 exceed all limits product that can offer a client to need, power from 2.

2kW already appeared on the market December 2006 to the ByLaser 6000 of high power laser with highest new 6kW () . But, the characteristic of this laser is not reflected merely in power respect, still depend on its going up with the collect by nature between the system. Especially system and laser come from at same home supplier, when development is being completed below cooperation, be very important, to 100 exceed for also be such. The superior performance that this kind of first-rate cooperates to bring is passed the following two example explain. Mutual influence is conclusive exemple 1: 100 exceed the most advanced and perforative technology of a development, be called again can accuse pulse to punch (CPP) , develop the demand to laser pulse behavior acme. When treatment ply arrives in 4mm when the metal between 25mm is laminose, CPP technology can decrease highest the time of spare parts cut of 50 % . In flow of treatment of a two paces, bore a hole has below the condition that cut head is in and bigger intermittence carries between armor plate above all, such doing basically is to protect nozzle and lens not to get excessive pollution. Later, perforation is finished below the circumstance of lesser clearance. The sensor in cut head generates corresponding signal according to radial reflex, seasonable and accurate detect the place that needs perforation. Next the system begins cut technological process immediately. This one process saved time not only and will perforative dimension keeps the smallest - the perforative diameter on 10mm large board only 1mm (graph 1) . Accordingly, exterior pollution is not apparent. In addition, CPP increased to machine the security of the process, the quantity of heat that wins because of armor plate wants low much. Exemple 2: Shift of 0 perforative time transfers requirement laser has the biggest reliability, can lift accurately according to need and must reduce power namely. This is perforative no longer, however immediate instant cut course, apply to the material under cut 8mm. Graph how does head of 2 indication cut reach cut mark point along curve shift. Once reach the place, the system begins cut quickly. The share that green place shows is decided completely by parameter. Be in in the start of contour line (3) undertake according to actual cut parameter cut is carried out immediately likewise. Finally, cut head moves with curve next will by the contour line of cut. Compare with traditional perforative means photograph, use of this one method continuously the time that is as high as 35 % can reduce on spare parts cut. The laser idea that nextpage100 exceeds speaks of laser idea, 100 exceed chose CO2 gas to regard laser as incentive medium, because,this is (besides the high output power that has industrial application place to need besides its) this sort the advantage that laser shows a lot of sides, stimulate the optimal quality of beam of light for instance, dependability, and compact design. 100 exceed laser to have drive to CO2 gas through dc commonly, generation is highest 5.

The power of 2kW. And in new ByLaser 6000 on high power laser one shear must differ: Here, the input of energy brings to bear on through electrode in be in charge of of aeriform pottery and porcelain. With this kind of means, energy comes out through electrode radiate with the form of high frequency wave, this also is why this kind of means is called high frequency drive, namely HF is incentive. The advantage of DC drive compares main body with HF drive laser is more efficient now on. From will look on the other hand, HF incentive laser needs higher energy on the gas of coequal bulk. That is to say: If achieve a specific laser power, need uses up fewer laser gas. The on form with lower power laser outside having the ByLaser 6000 of 6kW power to be in consequently is identical, show very tall mechanical stability. If say DC,incentive advantage makes its dominant 5.

The word of 2kW the following laser, so the HF incentive advantage of ByLaser 6000 makes its exceeded them. Be in charge of creating the incentive module of HF energy, you Baichao is based on semiconductor technology to be developed independently. It brought double profit for the user: Because these module won't produce loss, the standard that moving cost is based on valve together was reduced for amplifier. In addition because do not need to accommodate transmitting tube this kind of component, cover an area of a space to also get saving. Power must bring redound as a whole, the laser power that the user increases place of profit from ByLaser 6000 in a lot of respects: Perforative time gets decreasing greatly, mirror on time of shorter spare parts cut, bring the spare parts of higher profit to produce thereby. Because, as common sense, be not all spare partses to need to leave production in the greatest power, a few power assure laser need obligate integral system is safe. The biggest plate thickness limitation is raised ceaselessly, for example stainless steel is 25mm, aluminium is 15mm. This meant those material outside exceeding user size range of pipe bent before to also can be machined now. In addition, 6mm above armor plate and 4mm above stainless steel board cut performance also grew significantly. Higher laser power means the addition of feed, it is exceeded the dynamic limitation of systematic performance by 100. Accordingly, addition feed brings shorter part handling time and higher yield actually. But ask an attention: Higher laser power cannot bring higher profit necessarily. If design concept of the system cannot change this one power, it is not effective still. If energy is too high, also cannot score taller gain likewise. As a whole, 100 exceed laser to fall moving cost through outstanding efficiency and high reliability and extremely low power consumption fab low, byLaser 6000 has these characteristics likewise. However, this laser has higher moving cost than low power product, basically ask as a result of its higher power. Graph 3 and 4 show - be based on typical spare parts to machine accrual - corresponding profit can combine next acquisition in correct spare parts only, large board or stainless steel arrive in basically passing treatment. On the other hand, the data that comes from supplier of gold of a few bigger Ban shows ply 2mm arrives the main material that the metallic plate between 6mm is factory treatment, the rolled steel that scale exceeds other and traditional type (graph 5) . What below such circumstance the importance of systematic concept wants to be more than laser power is the biggest change. Conclusion: Before investing a system, need defines true laser power, must the field that microscope system will be used actually. To can produce systematic effect adequately, system and laser should come from same home supplier. Besides the advisory service that provides height to be in charge of, the supplier still needs to have the capacity that provides comprehensive high quality system and laser. CNC Milling CNC Machining