The HTS broach of deep aperture of efficient treatment big diameter

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Improving treatment efficiency is the dream of a lot of manufacturer all the time. Because add what work efficiency leads to rise to mean those who produce cycle not only,shorten and of financial cost reduce, return what often mean production cost to be reduced considerably. The Harbin turbine that is located in base of Chinese northeast industry factory (abbreviation " haing steam " ) , improve treatment efficiency energetically when its product demands exceeds supply, fetched extraordinary gain. When haing steam is machining first 600 thousand kilowatt of production home to exceed critical steamer unit at the outset, treatment of big diameter deep aperture becomes the issue that a Ling Jifei often headaches. The coupling hole that the side separates in the crock outside this steamer aircrew is the largest the diameter amounts to 140mm, deepness amounts to 600mm. Original they use home to compare commonly used traditional method -- after using drill of high-speed steel twist drill, undertake undertaking reaming stage by stage again. Bore diameter is 60mm, next every time reaming does not exceed 15mm. With such treatment method, get an aperture to need to make an appointment with 6.

5 hours, the treatment cycle of 200 all aperture exceeds 40 days. Mr Luo Yang is haing steam 3 minutes director of factory tool room. He is belonged to through choosing to use Kennajin (Kennametal) HTS broach. HTS is a kind modular but dislocation broach, because was used but dislocation razor blade, it is OK through choosing different capable person the razor blade of form of qualitative, different coating, different chamfer gets used to different treatment job. Inside and outside two kinds of blade holder, little criterion 4 many designs of a razor blade of 12 razor blade and 4 kinds of size, make limits enclothed its diameter to come from 45mm the wide range of 270mm. Such design makes whole aperture OK the reaming that be gotten and needs for many times no longer, cutting speed also gets substantially rise. And the groovy form as a result of bit is reasonable, shake to what the machine tool arises very small, very small also to the influence of the machine tool. When broach of use high-speed steel, they had produced the accident that machine tool overload damages, the cutting after use HTS broach becomes very smooth. Of large size but the centering of dislocation broach is a problem all the time. As a result of but the razor blade of dislocation broach is to use distributing in different diameter paragraph will divide the work finish whole cutting job, cutting force always is very inaccessible balance. Accordingly, broach can be planted in this a few deflection arise below the action of cutting join forces. The diameter of broach is bigger, the trend of this kind of deflection is clearer. The craft plan with haing original steam needs reaming for many times, also included among them corrective in front the action of deflection of labor situation position. The centering among HTS broach is gotten even if for keep within limits this is planted deflection and the setting finds a place for. Accordingly, haing steam needs reaming for many times no longer when use HTS bore, and can bore finishs whole treatment job. Drive annulus also is a of HTS broach important segment. It can be being gotten cut twist the through protruding key cutting when be apart from overload to rupture will assure to get cut the head and machine tool neither as to by attaint. HTS broach must be used together with cutting fluid, the main effect since the cutting fluid place here is a bits. Bore treatment is an environment that close, all cutting bits must be mixed from drill pipe the eduction in the clearance of aperture. Because treatment efficiency is tall, the amount cutting bits of minutely generation is large, and bear to be gotten high cut twist be apart from make again drill pipe diameter cannot meticulous, make the efficiency that discharge bits becomes very important so. Below a lot of circumstances, get cut efficiency to suffer the efficiency that discharge bits just about restrict and develop weller hard. The cutting fluid of HTS broach is offerred by cutting tool center to auger cut the head, these cutting fluid will cut bits to rush from inside the clearance of drill pipe and aperture again. Accordingly, the pressure of cutting fluid and discharge jump over big effect to be able to have been jumped over. Breath out what steam passes a machine tool to transform came true to turn to cool for interior by exterior refrigeration, by the pressure that increased refrigeration, the reasonable use preparation that is HTS broach so essential condition. This a series of the deep aperture treatment that the design is big diameter offerred revolutionary solution. It is in order to breath out steam exemple, use this one bit, its many labor situation is incorporated, cutting rate rose about 8 times, so the treatment of an aperture needs 6 cutting tool and 6.

7 man-hour, need to mix cutting tool only now 0.

5 man-hour, reduced the handling time of 93% . Haing steam is very satisfactory to this one achievement. They popularize this kind of broach and their a few experience to other component factory from 3 minutes of factories again, the turbine group treatment that breaths out steam now is primary it is to use this kind of bit, efficiency is very tall. For the word that uses Luo Yang, worker of operation of a gleam of is the directest experience even if " the province is strong " . CNC Milling CNC Machining