Door of 5 axes dragon machining center

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Product model: 5 axes of XLM3203B-5AXLM3203FG-5A dragon door machining center, machine tool structure is advanced, the design is reasonable, lathe bed uses high grade resin arenaceous cast, the machine tool can process steel, material of aluminium alloy of plastic, titanium, stone mixes nonferrous metal, stainless steel, project partial glasswork, main characteristic is as follows: 1, lead plane uses dragon door formula, structure of wide pillar of wide lathe bed, assure the stability of the machine tool. After cast finalizes the design via 2 temper, make whole machines and tools has good system tigidity, stability, sex suction shock and precision to retain ability. 2, main shaft box uses two-way hydraulic pressure to be controlled evenly, assure the smooth stability that main shaft box moves, x is propped up to 4 slideway, y is propped up to 3 slideway, increased workbench effectively to bearing, the whole that enhanced a machine tool is rigid, the wear-resisting caustic that enhanced a machine tool thereby is spent and service life. 3, import guide screw of fast rigid ball, guide screw uses many bits of hydraulic pressure to support a construction, the linearity that assures guide screw prevents overhang, german entrance does not have clearance shaft coupling, assure not to have clearance drive, xi Menzi big inertia communicates straight couplet of servo electric machinery and guide screw, can achieve the cutting rate of the sudden shift of 20m/min and 13m/min, reside door of dragon of high speed, high spirit machining center. 4, machine tool slideway uses entrance high accuracy, high speed, heavy load, roller linear guide, coefficient of friction is small, reaction delicacy, suit high speed and gravitational cutting. 5, main shaft of servo of synchronism of Xi Menzi of big torque of entrance high speed, deserve to import coder of Xi Menzi absolute value, assure precision not only, still can undertake cutting of tall, low speed, with tap, bore hole etc. Main shaft adds overload of outfit Xi Menzi to protect module, the service life that assures main shaft to fall in not stable report environment, lower fault rate effectively, make overall integral performance gets promoting greatly. 6, ark of whole sealing report, complementary with function of air current loop and air conditioning of high-power report ark, have the dustproof, mist that prevent oil, cooling, dry effect, prevent parts of an apparatus and circuit ageing effectively, add machine tool service life. 7, axis of A, C uses grating full closed-loop control, deserve to import high accuracy round grating to detect with former outfit, assure to its rotate and locate precision. The electric machinery of 5 axes is electric machinery of absolute value coder entirely, assure to its rotate and locate precision, and origin need not be answered when switching on the mobile phone, saved time thereby, assured to be in blame is normal cut off the power below the circumstance, the accident that brings to 5 axes head and main shaft damages, make overall integral performance gets promoting greatly, machining precision, bright and clean spend and the respect such as speed, the 5 axes machine tool of Taiwan of use effect excel and Korea. 8, the machine tool is main component: Guide screw of numerical control system, servo drive system, ball, linear slideway, double place crock of main shaft of big torque of 5 axes head, high speed, locknut, shaft coupling, pressure boost, bearing to wait for main component to all be former outfit to import electric equipment of; machine tool all component is complete set Shi Naide installs an entrance formerly. 9, defend outside whole sealing Ban gold, three-dimensional model, human nature changes a design, the exterior is beautiful and easy. 10, " the character that imports a machine tool, the price of homebred machine tool " Italian technology, freeboard sex price is compared, overall precision is compressed by GB precision 33% , belong to class of high speed nicety machining center, it is your good choice. CNC Milling CNC Machining