Efficiency of technology of numerical control center lathe is changed handle Yu Hang day

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Processing technique of lathe of 1 efficient numerical control is led to heighten the treatment effect of numerical control lathe, efficient numerical control (concept of numerical control machine tool and look into) findings report of processing technique application. As the rapid development of aviation industry, modern plane is contented dependability, motor-driven ability, information feels ability, life, the structure is light quantify the performance demand that waits for a respect to rise increasingly, a large number of new technologies, new material, new structure is applied by place of aviation production field, the structural member in aviation production domain is large change, complication, material diversity, make change accurately wait for a problem to be badly in need of solving, high speed, high spirit, compound the main development direction that waits for CNC machining to ask to already became CNC Machining of modern plane structural member to equip. Develop the work as project of our country large airlines especially gradually thorough, in motivation, airframe structure, what develop before the technical feature that the respect such as material brings and our country is medium or small the difference with plane very big presence, for our country the development work of large airlines brought grim challenge. Regard what be in charge of by company of group of Chinese aviation industry as the class central journal of large and integrated technology, the development of high-end technology domain waits in aviation to promote CNC Machining technology, stimulative aviation makes the communication between each domains, this print investigates " to launch investigation for the theme with application of technology of " efficient CNC Machining, the hope can be technology of our country CNC Machining to provide valuable reference in the efficient application of aviation manufacturing industry. This second investigation uses investigation questionnaire form, basically face supplier of numerical control equipment, 3 respects such as aviation industry user and scientific research orgnaization spread out. In respect of supplier of numerical control equipment, basically be aimed at Demaji, the first machine tool of Beijing factory, the 2nd machine tool of Beijing factory, swiss treasure is beautiful, yi Sika, waerte, hai Dehan, the numerical control in Wuhan China, cai Si, haikesikang, the user of industry of aviation of famous supplier; such as Windsor basically includes Shenyang aircraft industry (group) limited company, shenyang dawn engine (group) limited company, limited company of group of Harbin aircraft industry, beijing aviation makes the orgnaization of; scientific research such as project institute include Harbin Institute of Technology, tsinghua university, beijing aerospace university, nanjing aerospace university, institute of Beijing machine tool. These enterprises, manufacturer and scientific research orgnaization provided a lot of information about respect of numerical control machine tool for us, provided huge support for this second investigation. Aviation industry user supplier of equipment of 35 numerical control orgnaization of 45 scientific research 16 other 4 industries investigate high speed, accurate, compound the trend that has made technology of lathe of numerical control bedroom develop to be being shown most, the result of this second investigation also made clear this. Findings shows, rate of feed of high speed machining center is at present top can amount to 80m/min, empty traversal speed can amount to 100m/min to control. A lot of car plants on eye preexistence bound, include the company of Shanghai general motors of our country, the product line share that has picked composition of machining center of high speed of in order to replaces modular machine tool. The rate of feed of HyperMach machine tool of American CINCINNATI company is the oldest amount to 60m/min, it is 100m/min quickly, acceleration amounts to 2g, main shaft rotate speed already amounted to 60000r/min.

Machine spare parts of aircraft of a thin wall, use 30min only, and same part needs 3h in treatment of milling machine of general high speed, in average milling machine treatment needs 8h.

Most production business and user think, as the progress of technology of numerical control machine tool, compound processing technique is mature with each passing day, include mill - the vehicle is complex, car - mill is compound, car - boring - get - gear cutting compound, the car is ground compound, figuration is compound treatment, special type is compound treatment, the precision of compound treatment and efficiency rise greatly. "A machine tool is " of a processing factory, "Hold card, machine the concept such as " completely to be being accepted by more person, evolution of compound treatment machine tool is presenting the state of diversification. According to the feedback of the supplier, the treatment precision that numerical control gold cuts a machine tool already promoted current micron form (0.

001mm) , some breed already were achieved 0.

05 μ M is controlled. Exceed the imperceptible cutting of machine tool of rigid numerical control and grinding treatment, precision can be stabilized achieve 0.

05 μ M is controlled, appearance precision can be amounted to 0.

01 μ M is controlled. Through machine tool structure the design is optimized, the superfinishing of machine tool component and nicety are assembled, use the full closed-loop control of high accuracy and temperature, the dynamic error such as vibration compensates a technology, raise the geometrical precision that the machine tool machines, reduce form error, exterior surface roughness, enter thereby inferior micron, accept rice class superfinishing times. A lot of spare partses in industry of aerospace of technology of cutting tool of cutting of 2 high speed use Bao Bi, fine muscle structure, because stiffness is poor, not the deepness of penetration of a cutting tool with bigger be patient of, accordingly, high speed cutting becomes this kind of spare parts to machine the choice with best craft. Investigation shows, material of cutting cutting tool is function of cutting of decision cutting tool, especially the foundation of efficiency of cutting tool cutting and dependability. High speed cutting asks cutting tool material has following property: (1) tall hardness, high strenth and wearability; Gao Ren are spent, good heat-resisting pounds rigid of sexual;(2) high fever, good chemical stability. Difficult treatment material (be like tall manganese steel, hard steel of temper by dipping in water, austenite stainless steel, composite material and wear-resisting are cast-iron etc) cutting is machined not only cutting efficiency is low, and cutting tool life is brief. Have a structure as a result of aircraft spare parts complex, precision is tall, spare parts thin wall and aircraft spare parts employ titanium alloy, nickel radical alloy, the characteristic with much material of difficult treatment of carbon fiber etc, because stuff of of all kinds metal and treatment of interlining of of all kinds composite material appeared in development of this aviation cutting tool, and muti_function with; of efficient and special cutting tool and but dislocation cutting tool also got use; extensively in addition, the research and development that uses advanced technique and appropriative application software and cutting tool to emulate a technology to have cutting tool also makes the way of design of prospective cutting tool and development. System of 3 efficient numerical control regards numerical control as the core of the machine tool, the control system of machine tool of new generation numerical control is a kind of open mode, modular architecture, flexible to manufacturing industry implementation automation, compositive change, intelligence changes the effect that having to hold the balance. Investigate discovery, current numerical control technology is occurrent essential sex changes, already by is special model enclosed open loop controls mode to general-purpose mode of full closed-loop control of real time trends develops open type. Be in compositive on the basis that change, numerical control system came true ultrathin model, on the basis that subminiaturization; changes in intelligence, integrated the computer, multimedia, ambiguous control, the much discipline skill such as nerve network, numerical control system realized high speed, high spirit and efficient control, OK in machining a process self-correcting, adjust with compensation each parameter, came true online diagnose and intelligence changes breakdown to handle; to be on network foundation, CAD/CAM and collect of numerical control system make an organic whole, net of machine tool couplet, realized central concentration treatment of pilot group control. 4 online the further progress that measures science and technology, will online measure a technology to undertake one pace promotes, in numerical control machine tool / to be being machined workpiece undertakes on machining center online and automatic detecting is to raise automation of numerical control machine tool to machine level and the effective method that make sure workpiece machines precision, accordingly, workpiece of numerical control machine tool is online and automatic surveying a system is one of main features that measure level of technology of numerical control machine tool. In applying actually, measure a technology must can realize high spirit to change, more requirement high speed is changed and efficient change. Current, 3 coordinate are measured machine had obtained huge development, received wide application, but because contact is measured in hardware structure and the limitation that measure a principle to go up, bring about the measurement between actual application rate is slower, or need what a certain number of second ability complete pair of intricate geometry form to detect, detect like aircraft engine lamina and measure difficulty to wait, affected measured efficiency accordingly. For this, in recent years optics measured an increasing investment to arrive among application, optics measures the physical character of head benefit consumed to undertake contact is measured is not, avoided the potential problem that appears possibly, improve metrical efficiency then. CNC Milling CNC Machining