Why can antirust grease use be no longer in force?

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The breed of breed   antirust grease of antirust grease is more, the character that all sorts of oil taste is different also. Some has better displacement sex, some is able to bear or endure sex of damp and hot is better, some is high temperature resistant reach be able to bear or endure atmosphere sex is better etc, each have strong point. Oil tastes sort to differ, utility is different also, lubricant and antirust and seal up for keeping for a long time antirust. The additive that oil tastes place to use is different accommodative metal is different also, some has distinct effect to black metal, some reachs a variety of metals to adaptability waits to nonferrous metal. Accordingly, not be a kind of any antirust oil taste the condition that can get used to all sorts of differring, need fibrous root occupies particular case, pass the test of practice, choose appropriate antirust oil to taste. The stand or fall of antirust effect, still concern with the quality of antirust grease, should build check and accept a system, antirust to taking a plant grease undertakes checking and accept, prevent rejected product to enter a plant. In use process, the oily film fracture that prevents antirust oil or prediction of a person's luck in a given year and affect its antirust function. The in carrying out antirust material to be used in production effect of antirust craft is concerned with a variety of elements such as the material that pack with use craft, and antirust craft takes very important place in antirust quality, should join this unit actual condition, formulate is antirust craft, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of, can avoid to be caused because of technology issue so rustily. In use process, constant discovery is same the antirust grease that approves experience to receive qualification can reach however distinct antirust effect. This kind of circumstance should undertake checking from antirust craft, if have neglect a bit, can cause an accident. Antirust craft can undertake checking from the following: Clean: Because clean sordid, sweat of cent having water, hand or salt stay in metallic surface kind etc, and uses antirust oil lacks enough displacement sex again, put in rustily hidden trouble. Have not seasonable after clean antirust, also can make the product is in not oiled before rustily already. The examination before oil seal: The metal is made should undertake checking before oil seal, must clean and dry, cannot have rust. Be like rustily already must divide rust, otherwise rustily will surrive, return meeting development even. Have oil seal by antirust craft except rubiginous hind, assure oil seal quality. Heat: A little antirust grease is stiffer, when room temperature dip besmears or cannot brush besmear, need to heat the ability after melt is used. If do not press a regulation to temperature heats or leave an operation for a long time in high temperature, make some additive are decomposed become harmful caustic, this kind of antirust oil not only lose rust-preventing characteristic, become instead corrode accelerant. When reason is heating, must control temperature by the regulation, cannot long-term high temperature or overheating, need not when stop to heat, lest antirust grease is degenerative, can assure antirust result thereby. Besmear Fu method: When besmear Fu antirust grease, grease must thin and even. If oily film is too deep or coating not divide evenly, can cause metallic surface oily film small part rust-preventing characteristic is very good and in oil reservoir large place produces inhomogenous oxygen thick differ batteries and cause corrode. When dip besmear prevents rubiginous oil, as a result of oil not drop doing still has a large number of oil to undertake packing namely, what if discover a silk,the local generation that makes oil much corrodes; is rustily. Heat the metal of oil seal is made, must cold pack again to room temperature hind, otherwise easy also generation is corroded. If the antirust material that pack packs material quality bad, choose a mistake or use undeserved, also can make antirust invalidation. The material that pack does not accord with quality to ask, sealing is poor, with respect to short of sealed the purpose that seal up for keeping. For example gas phase corrosion inhibiter is right of the metal alternative very strong, when paper of use gas phase, need fibrous root is chosen according to the metal, can make corrosion of metals otherwise; Additional, when using antirust paper, without will rough surface and metallic surface contact, cannot rise to expect the result accordingly. Accordingly, when using the data that pack, must join particular case, choose the right stuff that pack, prevent to choose because of packaging data or be used undeserved those who cause a product is rustily. The stand or fall of requirement of store environment reserve, with the metal corrode speed to have close relationship. Use same kind of antirust grease, same oil seal is antirust craft, because reserve requirement is different, the antirust effect of earning is big different. Reserve requirement is good, antirust period long, antirust effect it may not be a bad idea. Conversely, antirust period short, antirust effect is poor also. CNC Milling CNC Machining