Answer the cutting of stuff of difficult treatment metal to challenge

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Tool manufacturer must have the treatment knowledge of disparate industry, in order to help the efficient treatment solution that oneself client finds material of difficult treatment metal. In alloy of alloy of a large number of a few use titanium alloy, stainless steel, Inconel and heat-resisting of other high temperature (HRSA) industry, more and more manufacturer are being sought can prolong cutting tool life, increase production efficiency, supply the part that agrees reliably quality and make full use of machine tool technology is newest progress (best can come true at the same time all these targets) treatment solution. When processing these data, heat in metal cutting and the fabricating characteristics with these unique metals were become " obstacle " . These workpiece cost of material are tall, treatment process cost does not poor, time-consuming and arduous, once machine failure, will pay high price for this. Accordingly, tool supplier already became its client's valuable project resource on real significance. Advanced treatment solution is to answer the manufacturer of significant step aviation that difficult treatment material challenges to be faced with a few influences to produce can, the severe problem of service life of life of security of treatment cycle, cutting tool, cutting tool, repeatability, spare parts and quality. For on time the component of consign high quality, use plane productivity in order to satisfy the business that month by month increases, whole supply catenary to bearing very great pressure. Produce the huge amount of the plane according to driving demand is forecasted and did not need, the output of all and main component such as structure of aircraft engine, frame, landing gear will swift and violent increase. The center uses in Shanteweike's aerospace, they offer all sorts of treatment solutions for the client: The treatment strategy from material of some kind of specific work or component feature and craft are made, to the design of cutting tool and application, and include CAM process designing and test and verify inside whole journey pays key service. Its are true the advantage comes from the ability at showing latest technology to the client, demonstrate how to use advanced cutting tool to achieve highest manufacturing efficiency for the client. In addition, still have off line to make treatment solution, next its compositive the ability in client treatment facilities. Titanium alloy (especially 6AL4V titanium) application already had quite long history at aircraft component, aviation manufacturing industry already better land mastered his to machine a method. What seek now is faster, the cutting technology with method of more reliable titanium alloy treatment and better cost effectiveness. To achieve this one goal, shanteweike is considering to develop a few advanced treatment methods, if use,conduce to the microtherm refrigerant that raises cutting tool life and cutting rate, and laser technology is used to heat before cutting material of bate titanium alloy. To improve the design of the plane, aviation manufacturing industry always is searching new material ceaselessly. 21 titanium of β are a kind of new material that is paid close attention to more and more, it suits to be used at making the component with lesser dimension particularly. Although this kind of data is not hard cutting, but because it is right cutting force and vibration are very sensitive, accordingly its treatment still has challenge sex quite. Another kind of β kind titanium alloy 5553 titanium are the new material that just begins to use a few years ago merely, basically use at creating strength of a few demands the component with tall, light weight, like landing gear component is mixed certain structural member, but it appears and unlike imagines in that way may embezzlement or the application that replace 6AL4V titanium. These hard metals machine a machine tool to use design of high-power, big torque, deployed the largest flow to be able to amount to 189L/min (50gpm) system of the refrigeration inside high pressure. This kind of large flow to maintaining as far as possible from cutting tool the pressure of ejective cooling fluid is very significant. In addition, cutting machines an industry to optimizing main shaft technology ceaselessly, make its not easy bending is out of shape. For example, technology of connection of CAPTO C10 main shaft is current already was applied at product line of its machining center by manufacturer of a machine tool. C10 collet used firm and reliable structure design, its flange dimension is 100mm, the taut force gift with very great need comes true to be held to the clip of cutting tool. And taut power is greater, the tigidity that cutting tool component has and intensity are higher. This kind of tall tigidity is very advantageous to the treatment of aviation component, because be in,extend canister tubal account component downward (like motor case) when undertaking machining, requirement cutting tool has very big dangerous extend length. Of Nextpage cutting parameter optimize crucial speak of difficult treatment stuff, what think of above all is titanium alloy. In addition, inconel alloy, stainless steel is machined very hard also. The tenacity of these material is very good, have what each other are close to relatively to succumb intensity and tensile strength, make its very difficult cut and break bits. When machining titanium alloy, heat in metal cutting and cutting force are the archenemy of hard alloy cutting tool, because this optimizes cutting parameter crucial. Cutting tool must use matrix of appropriate PVD coating, coriaceous, appropriate geometry chamfer model, reasonable point preparation and the geometrical blade that can produce larger shearing force form, and belt of the unfavorable preparation is bigger T on bit cutting blade arris. With treatment steel different, the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is poor, the quantity of heat that cuts bits is passed into when treatment very few. Accordingly, to prevent cutting tool overheat, treatment of most titanium alloy must use a large number of cooling fluid. Kennasitelamu (the milling cutter of 7792VX big feed of Stellram) and X brand hard alloy are special for treatment nickel radical, cobalt radical is mixed titanium radical alloy and of the design. Because undertook optimizing to the bit angle on cutter hub, make cutting force passes into main shaft up in, when processing data of these excel in pliable but strong accordingly, cutting tool won't produce bigger bending to be out of shape. In addition, because used optimized geometrical blade form, cutting blade is very accordingly sharp. Should hang the treatment challenge that extends milling to grow to growing dangerous extend milling to face a lot of challenges, especially difficult treatment material (the alloy that be like titanium or high temperature alloy) . Almost every industry has the length that exceeds normal, reliable cutting tool to grow diameter to compare to hang extend treatment requirement. In this kind of treatment, the bending of cutting tool is out of shape can reduce productivity, produce adverse effect to cutting tool life. For lesser to dimension of a lot of system of main shaft connection light-duty machine tool, its influence degree is more serious. To solve this one problem, reduce radial to penetration of a cutting tool is measured and increase axial cutting length to be able to obtain taller metallic excision to lead. If use the cutting tool that can be the disjunction that cut bits small, still can reduce cutting tool to be out of shape further. Among them the P290 milling system that an example is Yisika. As thick as traditional high-speed steel milling cutter is similar, p290 razor blade can cut workpiece material fine bits, reduce radial cutting force considerably thereby. Below the circumstance of use lengthen milling cutter, p290 system can with the biggest 0.

The radial penetration of a cutting tool of 35 times diameter is measured and be more than the axial cutting length of 152mm, have efficient treatment to any workpiece material. This system configured cooling fluid exit in every blade point, suit to grow very much dangerous extend milling treatment. One of technical progress with turning the most striking in recent years treatment are the development of high-pressured refrigeration cutting tool. JetHP series cutting tool of Yi Sika and pressure are 6.

89MPa (1000psi) form a complete set of system of feed flow of high-pressured cooling fluid is used, can gain the control cutting bits with longer cutting tool life and better implementation. Because can realize exact location feed flow, although be below the circumstance with cooling fluid inferior pressure, also can improve cutting performance apparently. JetHP lathe tool can offer cooling fluid from two different way: From bit coping ejective cooling fluid conduces to control cutting bits; And another cooling fluid criterion from bit bottom ejective. Besides lathe tool, the grooving knife that cooling technology returns JetHP high pressure to be blocked by applied Yu Yisi, sever knife, thread tool and product line of boring cutting tool. The innovation that is used at machining titanium alloy, nickel radical alloy tap and phase of most alloy data are compared, titanium alloy (be like 6AL4V titanium) tap treatment is more difficult. But the appropriate tap that should choose appliance to have form of innovation geometry blade and coat only and whorl milling cutter, can utmost land improves its cutting function and platoon bits performance, realize the thread machining of titanium alloy successfully. Aerospace, generate electricity, the nickel with the commonly used industry such as oil natural gas base alloy has tall hardness and extremely strong stretch memory (resilience) , the difficulty of its thread machining is very great also. In addition, stainless steel (be like 304, the 316 stainless steel that wait for a brand) tall tenacity, low succumb stress and higher ultimate tensile strength also may be met bring a challenge to thread machining. Nextpage Aimoke (the efficient thread tool that Emuge) company rolled out the titanium alloy data that is used at machining requirement Yan Ke recently is integrated product line, from the tap that has design of form of blade of distinctive, novel geometry, to the milling cutter of whorl of integral hard alloy with reliable function. The cutting tool of titanium alloy thread machining of new development uses technology of advanced form of the big blade that shovel a back, increased the space between cutting tool and workpiece attrition face, improved lubricant performance thereby, reduced mixing to feed the torque bear when retreating a knife reversely. Reduce force what this kind of new technology can offset what the tall resilience of titanium produces greatly. The C-Ti via tap of company new development used Aimoke chamfer of advanced left helix coming back and form of blade pouring arris, those who add aspirant knife direction to discharge bits function optimize and of cutting tine intensity rise, can prolong cutting tool life, enhance the craft security of titanium alloy tap. This company still was rolled out recently use at nickel base the tap of helix chamfer flat bottom of alloy tap. The design of this kind of tap used 10 ° alterable helix to amend part, used in area of the first cutting grind the body of blade pouring arris that make technically, can form curly wrap those who tighten is small cut bits, tooth of the tap when avoiding to machine thereby is cut bits jams. To answer the tap of stainless steel and alloy steel to challenge, the company still rolled out Aimoke to use face of the knife before form of advanced blade pouring arris is mixed / the chamfer that discharge bits Z tap. Fu of this tap besmear the GLT-1 of new development is multilayer coating, the consistency that can improve bit and can charge a sex, achieve fast, smooth, efficient platoon bit thereby. The unique structure of GLT-1 coating makes its have exceedingly good hear resistance, its express facing to be had fight attrition function goodly. To achieve optimal treatment result, should use the high-powered tap collet with the good tigidity that hold clip. Below good case, company proposal uses Aimoke inferior rigid (Softsynchro) tap collet, use tigidity / synchronous tap means. The design characteristic of the collet of KSN/HD Softsynchro tap of this company is: Use separate structure to come to those who achieve torque and axial power deliver. This one patent technology can improve thread machining quality, still can prolong cutting tool life. The knowledge that uses a partner solves cutting tool of project of component of company of tall cutting tool of hill of treatment difficult problem (CET) manager Ken Bellinger expresses, very big effect was produced when the knowledge that comes from technical partner is solving the old aviation spare parts of a client to produce difficult problem. He says, "The blueprint of spare parts of this titanium alloy is 20 years former, treatment difficulty is quite great. We find company of scanning of a 3D, undertake scanning metrical to this spare parts, the primitive parameter that goes up according to blueprint next establishs the 3D model that gives this part, and discover some machine a feature to was not tagged on blueprint come out. This spare parts is made for mill, among them an axis still needs to undertake turning and thread machining. The treatment solution that we make need not be machined into bed of drive a vehicle and a series of fabricating, make machined cycle to shorten half, cancelled manual bore. Final result is, the treatment of this spare parts becomes can accuse, press annual 500 batch production, can create many profit for the enterprise. " Bellinger expresses, CET group regards a kind of project of the client as resource, can depend on global each district the rich experience of 12 technologies center, provide technical support for the client, regular to sit a meeting, discuss in the car, generate electricity, medical treatment equipment, large equipment creates the treatment problem that waits for an industry to often be encountered. CET craft engineer and our knowledge partner (include machine tool manufacturer, clamping apparatus manufacturer, measure technical provider and CAD/CAM system to develop business) collaboration, offer solution of project cutting tool for the client. Our solution may include cutting tool inventory management, groom natural resources of plan, technology, custom-built cutting tool and design resource, and offer a technology to groom. Nextpage offers standard cutting tool and alloy of titanium of treatment of solution of special cutting tool and nickel according to client demand base the main challenge of alloy Inconel is to lengthen cutting tool as far as possible life and shorten treatment is periodic. But fall in most circumstance, people did not use correct cutting parameter, or did not use appropriate cutting tool. You must know the character of workpiece material, choose form of the properest cutting tool blade to machine it. In aerospace manufacturing industry, the treatment that has 60 % about dispute tender treatment, but what use with form a complete set of special cutting tool is very much it is standard razor blade. When alloy of cutting high temperature, unfavorable with material of workpiece of cutting tool elbow. As a result of its fabricating characteristics and steel or cast-iron be widely divergent, the razor blade that because this must be chosen,to be machined material designs technically or establish look of blade of milling cutter geometry, and cutting tool must very sharp. Cover with tiles the milling cutter of hard alloy of Proto-max Inox whole of Er spy company is to be solve titanium alloy and alloy of other high temperature machine sclerotic problem and design technically. It has the matrix of sharp cutting blade, strong pliable but strong that suits to machine titanium alloy and thin coat. The lubricant performance with this excellent cutting tool conduces to the flow that cut bits, can handle the heat in metal cutting that machines generation. As whole as Proto-max Inox hard milling cutter is same, high quality razor blade of Waerte also used coriaceous matrix and layer of PVD Al2O3 scumble, have very sharp cutting blade. Use PVD coating craft to be able to drop besmear Fu temperature, conduce to the structural integrality that maintains hard alloy matrix, and the hear resistance of Al2O3 coating and wearability. CNC Milling CNC Machining