Mikron rolls out broach of CrazyDrill Cool series

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According to " the tool is looked into " report, cooling broach can be used at the accurate treatment of dinky diameter deep aperture inside the CrazyDrillCool series that American Mikron company rolls out. Although system of the refrigeration inside its is in below condition of pressure of low cooling fluid, can offer for broach cutting blade good refrigeration and lubricant, and the design of appearance of cutting blade geometry makes performance of its platoon bits good. According to introducing, get than standard deep aperture, of the cutting speed of CrazyDrillCool broach and feed raise extent to be able to amount to 10 ~ 20 times, in need not carry the case that get the next time 10 times what feed machines the hole depth that give to be able to amount to bore diameter. The metallic ability qualitative range that this broach can machine is very wide, have the blame coating type that processes nonferrous metal already, also have the coating type that processes heat treatment steel. CNC Milling CNC Machining