The exploration that the mould makes adroitly

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Summary: ? Mast ancient name for a water catltrop the initial exploration that mother of Lan of garden of Qia of Cao of dead  younger sister pats Njection Mold Tooling of Xiao of farsighted   to develop, conceived the frame structure that the mould creates adroitly. Keyword: ? ⅰ of  of Li of > of ∧ of shank of Cao Qia garden " be being made what put forward by the United States at the beginning of time of?90 of    adroitly is to build in CALS, a kind of when 21 centuries industry survives to go up with development platform foundation new organization creates pattern [1] . Fundamental quick production way should have RRS character, namely Reconfigurable(can recombine) , Reusable(but of put sb in a very important position) , Scalable(but of seriation) [2] . To realize this kind of production way, can use big and complete or small and whole producer formula anything but, must according to through organizing dynamic alliance (a kind of such new production pattern that contain collaboration and competition come to Virtual Company/Virtual Organization) suit continuously changeful, the market demand with intense competition [3] . To be being made adroitly still a lot of theoretical foundations need to consider, but it is reflected morely in to an enterprise or industry, how to enhance competition ability below the condition of market economy, in the practice that creates the greatest benefit. The article is made with the development of light Injection Mold Tooling for exemple, the introduction uses the practice of nimble production mode. Institute of technology of mould of 1 setting Harbin Institute of Technology (abbreviation " haing model place " ) have perfect CAD/CAM/CAE to develop research environment, all ready CNC machining device, still one faces national economy to stand for war the high administrative levels of field develops a team. In recent years, developed the Injection Mold Tooling of respect of many car, electric equipment, aviation. In the process that develops in the mould, be in especially for one steam, when people corporation designs production pattern, a lot of real problems had been encountered in process of design, organization, production. To solve these problems, applied the concept that creates adroitly self-consciously. Realise through these example conversely the necessity that makes adroitly and feasibility are begun in mould development, the research that also makes adroitly to developing a pattern and practice have certain direct sense. Ground of design of 2 different ground, different produces one steam, the victory that people corporation produces amounts to a car at the remodel in 1997. Truckload with German people corporation collaboration is designed, light draws company design by German sea, the pattern that light notes the different sort such as model housing and chimney designs treatment by haing model place, note model haul production of light limited company by Changchun sea, use unit is one steam, people corporation. Assembled a car to test specimen on December 16, 1996 from what light design finishs only between 75 climate. Product figure is complex curved surface, use the computer three-dimensional model is designed directly, it is clear to cannot be conveyed with 2 dimensions blueprint entirely. Place expressed an essentials only to 2 dimension blueprint, and cannot use as design treatment, goods original shape is three-dimensional modelling is offerred by floppy disk. Because need to accord with optical and characteristic requirement, appearance precision and surface roughness demand are high, time and cost condition are very slashing also, accordingly, if organize development according to traditional method, be hard to finish the task on time. The develops constituent pattern treatment with 3 allied trends needs to use a variety of numerical control machine tools and general accuracy machine tool, although numerical control equipment also can complete the work of common device (haing model place has) of numerical control equipment only, but tall, benefit differs cost, time limit for a project also is hard to assure. Outside dividing machining, mould even classics cementite, quench wait for a variety of craft. Additional, still need a lot of standard component, arrive greatly mould bases, small to thimble, ejector pin. Classics analysis, these also cannot not answer to be finished alone with big and complete or small and complete form by an unit, must execute optimize combination, professional cooperation. At the same time because mould production lot is small, it is odd commonly a production, also be one model much antrum at least, accordingly, need determines different assorted shape according to the diverse demand of goods, be necessary to realize dynamic alliance. For this, basically be a standard with quality, time limit for a project, cost, actor is chosen and organized specialization synergic trends is allied, involves manufacturer businessman in all more than 10. Have in order to breath out modular place for core advocate the manufacturer of contractual relationship is Changchun sea help light limited company; The manufacturer that has synergic concern has plant of machinery plant of Harbin ammeter factory, elegance and talent, northward mould; The manufacturer that purchases a concern has factory of factory of A town mould bases, Tianjin ejector pin, Sweden, get the better of grain of skin of 100 Dalian agency, Dalian to handle HotRunner of factory, Sweden; The manufacturer that has advisory concern is mould of Japanese tall cropland; The unit that has attestation concern has sea of car institute, Germany to pull company, one steam, people corporation, sea of corporation of people of the home and this 3 Germany, Changchun helps light company mutual between still have other club concern. 4 development process and technology are built first muti_function development group, the whole process that developing uses collateral means, have fore-and-aft development not only in whole process and mutual and harmonious. The design is dominant go ahead of the rest, consider comprehensively as far as possible in designing a process treatment and assemble, the design in reducing treatment process is revised, reduce cost in order to make sure time limit for a project is mixed. The program below collateral development means. Goods original shape is the three-dimensional surface model that German sea pulls a company to be generated with CATIA software, offerred CATIA and IGES the file of two kinds of formats. Because software of the CATIA inside the allied limits in us is less, version is inferior, current rate is poorer also, consequently the decision uses IGES format to undertake the file is changed, had transition in the software such as AUTOCAD, KADKEY, MSCAM, CADAM early or late, but because version is different,wait for a reason, all fail to obtain favorable result, be in finally Pro.

The transition on Engineering and Cimtron software is successful. Nextpage design process designing is on the Cimtron software of 586 personal computer undertake, after the three-dimensional model that uses changeover directly adds shrinkage, undertake movable mould decides model antrum, cent face and electrode design, emulate through trends, determined the course that suits to machine craft. Treatment used the numerical control machine tool such as cut of machining center, line, electric spark and car, mill, boring respectively, grind wait for general accuracy machine tool, CNC Machining uses personal computer to transmit an order, online full automatic treatment. Came true design, process designing and CNC Machining unifinication and change without paper. Process information information deliver, as a result of conditional limitation, use the means that floppy disk exchanges with foreign company, use floppy disk trade with domestic manufacturer. Outside assist use blueprint and oral communication. Purchase basically use the means such as phone, fax. As large as abroad and home plant already can undertake communicating through Internet now. The framework that the 5 moulds that are based on a network create adroitly from big frame character, be being made adroitly build the foundation in CALS to go up, should be the object-oriented systematic project that is based on a network. But, in real manufacturing industry, still lie to our country especially the mould industry of babyish period, cannot build the ability after completing these systems impossibly also to begin first make adroitly. And the concept that should be RRS, establish the framework that the mould of based network creates adroitly, develop all sorts of practical databases, the problem discovers in using a process, solve a problem, ceaseless and perfect. The concept that the mould creates adroitly, its cent is the following two administrative levels. Ground floor is information layer, should use interface of communal gateway of CGI(common Gateway Interface on one hand as the leader of an alliance) the database system that builds oneself, so that the demand of corresponding market. On the other hand, use Internet to seek the market, a member of an alliance, undertake purchasing waiting, make decision-making, by trends allied form participates in market competition. The 2nd is the project layer of collateral means, use the technique of collateral project, ground of different ground design, different is begun to make on the foundation of dynamic alliance. Be in this one, the member of dynamic alliance has the computer compositive production environment is optimal of course, but the member below not repellent also other environment. The standard should be the TQCS(time that gets used to market competition, quality, cost, service) fiducial. According to feasibility condition and condition, alliance comprises by a core and 3 administrative levels: Core is haing model place, as the leader of an alliance, decide and coordinate executive method, plan and funds management, mould whole design is in charge of on the technology. 3 administrative levels: Ground floor is close relationship layer, basically include design, treatment, assemble etc, each member in this one is the interest is shared, the risk is carried in all, once decide, unfavorable in whole project change; The 2nd is cooperative relation layer, for example the synergic process such as heat treatment, finishing, be in this one, can concern according to long-term mutually beneficial and accredit, strive for privilege and time limit for a project; three-layer is inattentive relation layer, be like standard component purchase etc, basically be goods compares 3 simpler business affairs to trade relation. With respect to Injection Mold Tooling character, still need to solve technology of the following crucial foundations to realize the mould that is based on a network to make adroitly: Communication foundation, should make full use of development Internet and Intranet. CAD/CAM/CAE condition, include the data trade of different soft hardware, all sorts of databases reach the development of CGI. Management foundation, the organizer that basically needs to solve dynamic alliance and coordinator (namely dynamic and allied the leader of an alliance) with cooperation of professional division of labor person (leaguer) the organization between is built, the project is decomposed, interest distributive is fiducial with algorithm. 6 brief summary the article introduced to use the pattern that creates adroitly, undertake the initial exploration of mould development, gained a few experience, initial conception the framework that the mould creates adroitly. (Organized below the condition that 1) creates in ground of different ground design, different specialization synergic trends is allied. (2) completed the data file transition below condition of different soft hardware, came true design, process designing and CNC Machining unifinication and change without paper. (3) organizes development according to collateral means, it is dominant in order to design, assured time limit for a project, managing charge. (4) information communicates a method to remain to perfect. (Be being made of 5) mould adroitly should be the mode of collateral project development that is based on a network. CNC Milling CNC Machining