Portable measure brought great and convenience sex

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Car limited company established Biyadi 2003, in devote oneself to to be each age paragraph consumer is made long for a product day and night while, present a breathtaking development speed in last few years. The company innovates through perpendicular conformity and evolutional of newest the sources of energy electric car and technology, from Biyadi this accuses Inc. show itself in the several brother company with a subordinate group. Biyadi in recent years output year after year turns over the car time, predict 700 thousand to produced a car 2011, and all be China's best-selling a few models. Consumer stems from a lot of reason, mix to product value especially the reliance of quality, established contrast inferior enlighten the sturdy confidence of car brand. The car checks Biyadi explanation of engineer week gentleman says: "Biyadi develops so rapid, be attributed to its to produce the success of the respect in high grade product. But if want to achieve the outstanding quality level of constant, must accurate to can undertaking and reliable measurement desired result solution has investment. We are mixed before rigging technological process these systems are used in rigging a process, ensure all product component accords with design specifications completely. " the measurement inside the workshop challenges a car to produce flow is one assemble a dot actively, the component that wants numerous and will different figure and measure is assembled together get finished product. To Biyadi the car, a few main component are produced independently by the company, other component is outside bag production. Because assemble place of every measure in the process,needed weights and measures technique exists vast difference, because this stems from quality,control measures desired result it may be said to be challenged greatly with what assemble a purpose and undertake. Go up in solder wiring only, must the clamping apparatus of outfit of automobile body solder with logarithm long rice and the fixed position that the diameter counts millimeter are sold undertake metrical. Mr Zhou expresses: "The measure that we require to measure thing and character are disparate. Normally need uses compasses of caliper, needle and height gauge / a series of traditions such as geometrical feet measure tool ability inside contented workshop all sorts of detecting demand. And another kind of tool arrives by switch of a kind of tool in measuring a process can wasteful many time, and the precision that still cannot offer our place to need and accuracy. " in fact, truly accurate measurement depends on traditional tool unlikelily only. To large car component particularly such, the reason is major traditional tool cannot undertake accurate or proper measurement to its. Although undertake repetition trying, but still appear inevitably with millimeter plan (micron of and rather than) not acceptability measurement error. The equipment that promotes precision chooses plan to measure the issue of precision to solve, biyadi stationary 3 coordinate are measured machine (CMM) regards an equipment as to choose plan. 3 coordinate measure stationary engine system can realize taller measurement precision and but repeatability, but its are portable gender and flexibility are limited. Normally each need mint investment, need especially bigger exclusive measure room, the coordinate that must have controlled environment to accommodate and operate these types among them is measured machine. In the meantime, because must mix component in product line,use at detected measurement move back and forth between the room, this also makes the labor of pull current Cheng concentrated rate rises further. relatively measure a tool at the tradition, although 3 coordinate measure stationary,function is what Biyadi brings older rate measure precision quite, but the its exalted installation, disadvantageous interest sex that maintains charge and operation makes appeal of solution of this one feasibility not high. Biyadixi hopes to obtain stationary 3 coordinate measure the precision of machine and accuracy, but do not wish to accept its bulk restriction again. Mr Zhou continues say: "What we need is a system that can having configuration anyplace, it must be operated easily, more important is to be able to offer the accuracy that measures an outcome and consistency, make we maintain the outstanding quality of the product as always. " the 3 coordinate that good solution is type of a portable, articulatory arm are measured machine, namely a measurement that can operate artificially arm, bring precision, accuracy and convenience sex for the user thereby. Be located in measure brachial endmost globose each places that measure a head to be able to go up in an object are directional, the alone 3D that undertakes in order to collect need handling in computer CAD/CAM software counts foothold. Portable 3 coordinate are measured machine can configure go up in car assembly line, and need not carry component the place that is in to equipment. Can save many time, labor and cost at the same time so. "Be opposite investment of such as capital, crop, after measuring the main factor such as precision and convenience sex to undertake anatomize, we decide to use portable the quality that 3 coordinate measure machine and solution of handpick FARO Technologies weights and measures technique to satisfy us detects demand, " Mr Zhou expresses, "The fact proves this is a of Biyadi right choice, below the help of FARO, we enjoy what the system of any other types cannot be likened to to measure convenience sex truly. " the yield with stronger taller confidence can be current, the car has Biyadi platinic gold of about 20 FARO measures an arm. The car production base that Biyadi is located in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Changsha and benefit city deployed FARO portable 3 coordinate measure an arm, undertake in order to assist high grade measure desired result. The CAM2 software that the data that all collection go to will pass FARO (call Geomagic software again) undertake handling. As FARO is deployed to measure an arm inside the workshop, biyadi can use a kind of tool to measure all car component of all sorts of dimension and model. Mr Zhou complement says: "Measure brachial flexibility by right of this, we can be measured not only and control the quality of minicar component, also can the quality of the large component that the palm accuses to have extraordinary precision. The hard usage of FARO equipment still can bear the workshop condition of our Yan Ke; And although be in,be not accuracy and dependability also can come true below controlled environment. " to Biyadi, FARO measured an arm to have all advantages that this company seeks. Mr Zhou points out: "We favore this 6 axes to rotate really the character of brings agile freely. Its rotate indefinitely make we can undertake all-around measure, the position that although be in,touchs hard or disadvantageous angle. Software of power source group still masters easily, helped us save a large number of valuable time. In addition, the group after the carry out with powerful FARO makes we need not worry about what any likelihoods happen to stop machine incident. As the application of FARO solution, the car had Biyadi to detect thoroughly with test flow. The engineer can be in design phase at the beginning of ensure the structural stability of fixed component, accuse personnel to be able to undertake be mixinged effectively character objective assessment, calibration, in order to maintain the outstanding quality of the product. "Need shorter equipment to install only time and handy the control that uses easily, can undertake quickly detecting to each quality and collect data, make a report next " , mr Zhou expresses, "This simplifies for us really whole production technological process provided a help. " the help of FARO makes Biyadishi showed excellent crop and quality, and this is other any measurement solution cannot look forward to reachs. Measure efficiency to rise greatly, but man-hour is reduced somewhat however. Mr Zhou explanation says: "3 coordinate measure use stationary machine undertake quality desired result needs daylong time, and we need 3 ~ 4h to be able to be finished only now. The measurement of FARO the solution becomes Biyadi quickly an indispensable component in day-to-day operation. " FARO solution brings bigger convenience sex and taller yield not only can, still make the car can measure Biyadi confidently accurately, consistently its product. This one extraordinary union will be become lead Biyadi to obtain the main factor with brilliant future. CNC Milling CNC Machining