The tool intensive of turbine business turns management

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Tool intensive turns management, have concentration and tie government in tool government process namely. Alleged concentration, have concentration, standardization government to tool objective and information namely; Alleged tie, in managing flow to the tool namely, each node undertakes controlling. As the ceaseless application of the product, constant change that machines equipment and advanced processing technique, it is more and more important that the tool machines medium position in cutting, its amount, breed increasingly grow in quantity, expenses also rises considerably. The breed specifications of the tool is various, technical strong, change is sharp, use frequent, information content big, manage content so increasingly grow in quantity. In the meantime, as a result of special purpose parts, entrance the grow in quantity with expensive heavy mail, the tool already was belonged to no longer one-time the administrative limits of use running stores. Accordingly, tool management job is mainer and mainer already. Build tool computer intensive to run a system, also be the need that modern industry builds, it is a indispensable main component in managing modernization. My company is in the process that advances administrative modernization, the computer government that takes a tool seriously very much works, established project group technically, by the computer application of company subordinate the institute has the design of software and development. According to the characteristic on oneself environment and management, we put forward a tool " intensive turns management " tentative idea. Intensive turns management, namely the tool from demand put forward, apply for to experiment, attestation, demand, examine and approve, purchase, put in storage and distribute, lend and remand, discard as useless attestation, reclaim the whole technological process such as recycle comes true in the system. Its purpose is to make each function branch can have the operation of tool respect on a platform, achieve efficient, standard and science administration. Realizing tool computer intensive to change administrative core to work is design development software of a computer management, the different need of the user can be satisfied on this software, we say for " Hangzhou steamer tool intensive runs a system " . The overall mission that system of systematic target design develops is to use computer technology, implement the systematization that enterprise tool manages, standardization and automation, achieve the goal that improves business management efficiency thereby. Systematic flow designs whole technological process to be in charge of composition of branch of management department of branch, tool, Technical Division, use branch, purchase department, qualitative check, financial department by the company. Departmental door eachs doing his own job, mutual cooperation, use the documentation of unified format, manage a system to undertake for platform information communication is mixed with computer tool at the same time deliver. Development designs the need that the thought manages to satisfy the computer, our formulate the following principle: Unite the format of all sorts of original bills, unite the format of account and forms for reporting statistics. Delete needless management redundant, the standardization of implementation management, science is changed. Program code is standardized, software is unified change, ensure can safeguard of software gender and practical. Interface as far as possible simplification, accomplish the practical, convenient, disparate arrangement of ideas that satisfies an industry as far as possible to ask. Establish operation daily record, all sorts of operations that self-recording place has the system. The system develops an environment to use POWERBUILDER and SYbase to be the C/S structure of tiring-room database; Use the object-oriented method that build a model, PowerDesigner9.

0 to build modular tool. Tool government technological process designs the working content of the constituent structure according to the company and sectional post, the particular operation content that provided order of tool government technological process and each node, and correlation of its each other concerns, if pursue,1 is shown. Graph concept of 1 basic design and system of design of function of processing flow system should finish a function to basically have the following: Tool demand applies for put forward and approval. The content date of the tool weaves. From use and manage angle, the company is tool cent two parts, one part is the appropriative tool that designs by Technical Division, be called special tool, its number is finish at the same time when the design, input basic message directly, if pursue,2 are shown. Another part is general or outside bought tool, because this kinds of tool did not press me,company demand has digital number, we press certain regulation to undertake number and basic message are inputted when undertaking planning application, if pursue,3 are shown. The input of all sorts of information, include each workshops primitive disposal data, put in storage, delivery of cargo from storage, remand, newspaper caustic; And the inquiry of all sorts of information, revise, safeguard. Of of all kinds forms for reporting statistics generate. The inventory of each branches, demand manages. Handle the management of the log. Manage use help of the system. Graph 2 tools number generates a system to pursue each minutes of subsystem that 3 use branches plan to apply for to run a company divides subsystem each compositive the production that is in a company runs a system (in graph 4) . Company production manages a system to be equivalent to a large tree, the systematic branch that concerns with tool management has tool content date to weave system, tool examines and approve system, tool to purchase system and tool inventory to run a system. Graph 4 production manage a system to land interfacial tool to purchase a system is company goods and materials a branch in purchasing a system, goods and materials purchases a system to join with photograph of system of company financial management again. Particular function has: The branch of tool demand applies for to refer, the content mark authorized strength of the tool, tool is main information guides, the tool purchases plan input, tool to purchase a plan to refer the inventory inside library of purchase department, purchase department to inquire, if pursue,5 are shown. Graph 5 tools purchase a plan data input, revise with inquiry the tool is purchased reach the designated position, after distributing library of each use branch tool by the plan, manage a system to have inventory government by tool inventory. Tool inventory manages systematic function to have: Basic message inquires the tool, tool stock information inquires, product ministry covers medium tool detailed list to guide with put in storage of inquiry, tool, v, discard as useless operation, tool lend / remand the operation, if pursue,6 are shown. Graph enterprise of modernization of motion of 6 inventory management needs modernization management, tool management is a of business management main component. Build a centralized tool management system, room of management department of company each tool, each relevant function branch, will relevant Technical Division, relevant production section, each tool passes company interior coupling of local area network rises, the electron that achieves tool platform credit is changed, realize the unity of tool management platform. My company is in tool management job, through managing systematic use to tool intensive, flow to the objective of the tool, iformation flow has organic union and control, got clear result. Its advantage is: Resource is shared, administrative science, standard, efficiency is tall, managing cost; At the same time also very can convenient inquiry arrives the instant information of inventory, provide information data for decision-making layer and user layer. "Hangzhou steamer tool intensive runs a system " it is to be aimed at breed of my company tool ground of various, management is much and the characteristic of dispersive, many branch government and build, it is a convenient and practical application software. It handles need daily in can basic contented user while, the financial statistic that still can have a tool and of all sorts of forms for reporting statistics print. The stand or fall of tool management system, the key should see his use the effect how. Should see its structural design is reasonable, the function is perfect, practical, sex of the look up before whether be being had and advanced sex, whether to have good expansibility. As the one part of business management, should according to the enterprise actual condition undertakes designing. Tool management pattern has varied, each have advantages and disadvantages. This unit should join in practice actual condition, if organize characteristic of structure, personnel structure, product, production management,mode reachs a method to wait undertake choosing. CNC Milling CNC Machining