Digitlize accurate curve grinder to succeed in Shanghai research and development

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The having that by Shanghai traffic university, Shanghai factory of the 3rd machine tool and Shanghai Sha Di overcome software limited company to consider to develop jointly is completely own the digitlization of intellectual property is accurate curvilinear grinder research and development is successful recently. The main characteristic of this achievement is " market image is online identify detect control with the number at an organic whole, be based on the compositive control means that looks screen to share and system " the geometrical optics that can replace a tradition is become resemble observing a means, realized digitlization nicety is online detect, compensation and control; " slide of emery wheel of digitlization nicety pilot is sharp reciprocate device " the drive of brace slide block that can replace a tradition or hydraulic pressure actuating device, realized the digitlization servo control of emery wheel journey, speed, position; "Be based on gas discharge additional diamond emery wheel is compound nap method and nap device " for nap of diamond emery wheel the online nap open up of difficult problem of this one main technique a new approach. Digitlizing technology of accurate curve grinding and equipment is all sorts of accurate and mixed patterns, cutting tool and the important step that nicety of all sorts of complex curve spare parts machine. The development that the research and development of this accurate curve grinder succeeds to equip for machine tool of numerical control of our country high end added new content. CNC Milling CNC Machining