Expand an axis of core of fixed position of the opening inside type

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The graph is shown 1 times is my factory the air cylinder spare parts in some product, Ø25 of the aperture inside this spare parts.

4mm, after classics nitrogen changes processing abrade, ra0 of requirement of exterior surface roughness.

08µm, again the circle outside grinding of fixed position of less than opening, round coaxial of requirement inside and outside is spent 0.

02mm. If use fixed position of commonly used taper core axis, because the long way of this spare parts is compared,amount to 7.

8, below the action of cutting force, spare parts generation is askew, outfit mix is not exact, make machine a spare parts outside circle and inside aperture coaxial spends short of technology to ask. Graph 1 graph 31.

Expand set 2.

Chuck 3.

Core axis 4.

Air cylinder (add workpiece) 5.

Short cover 6.

Nut pursues 2 for this we used what the two end that the graph shows 2 times locate to expand axis of core of type fixed position. Expand covered construction is shown 3 times like the graph. Expand an as a result of the aperture inside its measurement in be being machined and treatment are disadvantageous, the likelihood is out of shape each the wall of place is large inhomogenous, send bilge to cover in use to be out of shape inhomogenous and the requirement of precision of short of fixed position: Plus expand the circle outside covering and inside the coaxial of aperture spends an error, expand set with core axis cooperate an error to wait, the accumulation of these errors achieves the precision requirement of fixed position impossibly. For this, the treatment technology that we use is: Expand after covering heat treatment of thick car classics, the circle outside clip is ground inside aperture, make the aperture inside its and core axis have 0.

The clearance of 025mm. Will two expand set by the graph 2 are shown outfit go up in core axis, come back nut, make two expand set have expand slightly, again with core axis two centers aperture locates, grind expand cover outside round. Relapse so 3 ~ 4, final bilge covers what fall in free condition outside round dimension amounts to Ø25.


01 Mm. The grinding that such iteration, eliminated afore-mentioned accumulate an error, assured fixed position precision thereby. Expand the fixed position principle that covers axis of core of fixed position of the opening inside type is to use expand covered flexibility is out of shape, should expand set in get when the action of axial force, the bevel edge generation that its and radial become 4 ° included angle is out of shape make its external diameter greatens, inside aperture decrescent, eliminated at the same time the aperture inside air cylinder and expand an external diameter, expand set inside the clearance of Kong Yuxin axis, form without clearance fit, eliminated the fixed position error of air cylinder thereby. When using, because expand,axis of track of covered inside and outside and air cylinder, core has space, installation is convenient, and won't the aperture inside cut air cylinder: When disassembling, simply is loose nut 6, expand set when the action that does not have axial force, but automatic spring back arrives original measure, can take out a part easily so. Use what two end locate to expand axis of core of the fixed position that cover type, because eliminated fixed position error, its fixed position is reliable, use in treatment, the coaxial that can assure a spare parts strictly spends a requirement. In 3 batches of spare partses of treatment, the percent of pass that coaxial spends index is amounted to 100% . CNC Milling CNC Machining