The mill that it is a face and square shoulder mill brought the CoroMill 490 of high accuracy and versatility

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Shanteweikekeleman rolled out CoroMill 490 of milling cutter of new generation square shoulder, this kind of milling cutter can make finished cost is reduced amount to 25% . CoroMill 490 is cutting tool of a kind of high accuracy, suit those cutting deepness Xiaohe is fewer and final the applied circumstance of treatment, be opposite for instance machine taller manufacturing efficiency can be achieved for the high accuracy forging of the adjacent and final figure that job shops place uses and cast. Although the workload that when machining these forging and cast, needs is little but more accurate however. The 4 blade bit that also can use CoroMill 490 now is designed, this reduced sheet significantly for the client cost. Use an occasion to these, coroMill 490 is the most effective cutting tool. It is such nicety, walk along a knife to be able to produce a finished product. Deepness of the biggest cutting is 5.

5mm(recommends 4mm) . CoroMill 490 promoted bigger production efficiency, and what provide some versatility allow a client to regard standard milling as cutting tool CoroMill 490, replaced a variety of cutting tool inventory to simplify to produce control thereby. Its are the finished cost that reduced face mill and square shoulder milling as a result. CoroMill 490 also can be used at outline treatment and blade edge cutting, and did not take knife mark, in addition also agree with groovy mill. Inferior cutting force is had to make on 4 blade razor blade cutting already light quiet, this profit from is big before horn and axial angle, can cut work smoothly thereby. Low cutting force comes from the bit chamfer form at innovation sex and Shanteweikekeleman the new name in new generation razor blade. Form of chamfer of this razor blade includes new parallel Duan Ren to take, it can offer prominent appearance bright and clean spend and square shoulder. This kind of razor blade has sharp blade line and can produce the smooth, cutting result that does not have burr outline, this makes the milling cutter that CoroMill 490 makes the first have cutting of 90 ° square shoulder truly, and make sure stage shoulder place does not have sharp step already, be in at the same time also won't form recognizable fastigium glossily apparently (fastigium height is 0.

03mm) . CoroMill 490 allows a client to use taller cutting parameter, initial cost, thereby aborning achieves taller manufacturing efficiency. CoroMill490 diameter limits is 25-125mm) for 25-80mm(final limits, can deploy straight handle of full Capto of arbor, coke, cylinder and side to press type knife handle; And have L, M and H pitch (metric with imperial) . This kind of razor blade can provide P chamfer look, and sequel still has M and K chamfer look. CNC Milling CNC Machining