Increase the value of performance of condition of servo electricity for emergency use

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: As the servo electromotor wide application in industry, of high dynamic performance the design of servo driver and servo electromotor and a heat that consider to be sure to become home to consider, in the meantime, the trends that how raises servo electromotor is characteristic, also had become treat settlement problem urgently. Servo shows in the function in trends adjustment process mark calls dynamic function index, if exceed tone quantity, follow speed, follow precision, adjust ability of time, interference rejection. Servo is applied the earliest to domain of military affairs, spaceflight, accompany industrialized footstep, enter industrial domain and civil field gradually, in producing practice, the application of servo is already special and wide. 1, in numerical control machine tool, use high-end permanent magnetism to communicate servo to replace drive of asynchronous frequency conversion to appear to already made a standard. Since 90 time, euramerican each country is dedicated to machine tool of numerical control of development application high speed, below the circumstance of same resolution, speed obtains the feed of workbench to promote greatly. The characteristic that machine tool of system of current numerical control is outstanding high speed, high accuracy, tall trends, Gao Gang sex more. We had seen homebred servo is in economy the application on numerical control machine tool, but be in in on high-grade machine tool homebred servo still short of requirement, function is an important facet, stability and brand effect also are the obstacle that cannot span inside short time. 2, the robot also is the territory with servo more application, industrial robot has many freedom to spend, the servo electric machinery that needs because of every industry robot is little a 3-4 stage, many 10 stage above. At present of industrial robot have a quantity to had exceeded 1 million, and annual demand still is increasing substantially. Tycoon of robot of course of study of international go to work has form a complete set of him exclusive servo mostly, some closer year of servo manufacturer that also begins to have home begin to walk into robot industry, although there still is not little difference on function. 3, the servo application proportion of spin industry is very small, manufacture efficiency to rise, partial spin machinery begins to use high-grade servo technology, but what use almost is entrance brand, price element brings about servo to popularize application without large area in spin industry. If homebred servo is in,hold price dominant position while, improve product performance, will promote the development of whole industry greatly. Besides, automation line of machinery of equipment of printing machine instrument, package machine, medical treatment, metallurgy, automation have very big demand to wait system. Also can see the value that the performance that improves servo grows to each industry from which, besides price element, buy the home to basically have to the attention dot of servo electric machinery: Trends is answered fast, trends is answered is the dynamic function index with main servo, requirement system follows give fast, amount exceeding tone small, do not have precision exceeding tone even tall, the precision of servo is to show sendout follows the exact extent of set-point, be like the machine tool of accurate treatment, the fixed position precision with very high demand fights force of faze kinetic energy strong, dynamic change is outputted with next systems in all sorts of faze movements small, restore time fast the solution related to the industry, like electronic cam, chase after cut, fly cut the applied servo that waits for control technology to basically be mixed by servo electric machinery two parts form driver. Driver regards a command as component in controlling a system, servo electric machinery serves as executive component in controlling a system, both the main component that is control system. Of servo dynamic function depends on on a lot of degree these two parts. Among them, answering bandwidth is a when measure dynamic performance main index, bandwidth is taller, the output of servo follows the capability that inputs an instruction is stronger, dynamic performance is better. " communication servo drive is current technical condition " (JB T 10184-2000) in the test means that provided bandwidth of annulus of servo driver rate: Driver inputs instruction of sine wave rotate speed, 0 what its amplitude is worth for instruction of rated rotate speed.

01 times, frequency is lifted gradually by 1Hz, record the rotate speed curve of electromotor correspondence, as instruction sine frequency rise, the phasic lag to curve of instruction sine wave increases the undee curve of electromotor rotate speed gradually, and amplitude is reduced gradually. Phasic lag increases to regard servo as the frequency band width of 90 degrees of phase shift to 90 degrees of frequency when; Amplitude is reduced to low frequency when 0.

The frequency of 707 times serves as servo - width of 3dB frequency band. Weaveform of scanning of width of graph frequency band sends electric machinery of far electron MPT to check platform, can do the test such as curve of groovy voltage electric current, T-N to driver and electric machinery not only, have original creation more " engine of free to load " technology, offer a solution to the test such as width of the response of servo, frequency band. The user interface that MotorTest software human nature changes, powerful and can offer custom-built change a service. MPT checks a system to satisfy an industry to control stable state and transient state to gauge demand to electric machinery at the same time, lead electric machinery experiment to enter servo period. CNC Milling CNC Machining