Intelligent technology will machine precision to make larger contribution to promote EDM

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Mr Bai Xiangzhong: EDM product is the crucial equipment with mould indispensable manufacturing industry, other machine treatment cannot replace the treatment precision that it can achieve, in recent years EDM manufacturer people had much research in promotion precision respect, among them strange Xia Mier of Swiss GF A fetched huge gain, the technical aspect that changes control and pulse power source in intelligence especially walks along the front that was in the world, assure this is treatment precision at all. The mechanism that discharge machines is the conductor of high temperature vaporization that arises in the discharge in medium with electric pulse in order to form treatment, the actor bad that electric pulse parameter chooses affects treatment result directly, how to choose the parameter that suits most quickly most, rely on artificial spot to adjust apparent take time, and accuracy is poor, this used intelligent technology. Accurate research is individual the mechanism of the process of microcosmic discharge treatment of pulse and the precondition that are technology of electric treatment intelligence theoretically. Ajixiamier's research makes clear Swiss GF as a result: The process of microcosmic discharge treatment of individual pulse accompanies medium of pulse voltage puncture to form plasma bundle the high temperature vaporization of generation fuses electric conduction machines bodily form to divide hole acupuncture point into corrode (abbreviation corrode hole) , plasma bundle radius increases corrode hole radius subsequently. Should achieve heat to balance radius to increase stop, be in " advance gradually condition " , "Advance gradually condition " it is lowermost electrode loss and the biggest corrode are divided rate, also be the optimal hour that stops pulse voltage, the quality of corrode hole surface that produces right now is good, energy of same discharge clearance discharge most economy, reduce the time of finish machining. The perfect system that monitor (neurological) provide accurate spot information. The system that monitor monitors all useful information, include position of force of temperature, voltage, electric current, strong hydraulic pressure, movement, speed, acceleration and report to machine the physical quantity of be closely bound up, get corresponding result through computation, the computation that passes weaveform of spark voltage pulse for example reachs slope issueing an edge, the generation that slope of the edge below control can avoid to pull arc. Optimize, advanced intelligent expert technology (cerebrum) , namely intelligent pulse power source and control, the uses treatment of influential place report ingredient of intelligent technology (discharge parameter, strong fluid and mechanical movement index) with it is to these elements below different situation (for example deep narrow seam, large area, wait without strong fluid) , through detecting in real time discharge result chooses in time optimal optimized each element combination, achieve quality of efficient, fast face and small loss, this process need not be participated in artificially. Mention dynamical effect to should suit oneself to the influence of the stability of discharge loop at discharge clearance, namely the bulk that the slope of acceleration must get used to discharge clearance will adjust. This one technology calls intelligent motive force, also be another application of Swiss intelligence technology. The place on put together is narrated, electric treatment develops today, intelligent technology not only upgrade in the round on technical content, also go up in intelligent control limits more extensive, the requirement that machines to report as the market promotes, intelligent technology will develop ceaselessly, make larger contribution to the promotion of EDM precision. CNC Milling CNC Machining