Introduce the action of the bearing in numerical control revolving stage simply

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Numerical control revolving stage is the main tool that we have machining and production, application is wide. We study the effect of the bearing in numerical control revolving stage today. Bearing regards the core of numerical control revolving stage as the component, to the action that hold the balance reaching since the function of numerical control revolving stage. Static pressing bearing is one kind relies on oil of exterior supply pressure, build inside bearing static pressure bear the weight of the sliding bearing that oily film lubricates with realizing a liquid. The liquid is static press bearing from start stop to lubricate in the liquid from beginning to end next jobs, wear away small, life is long. In addition, this kind is propped up still have circumgyrate precision tall, carrying capacity is large wait for an advantage. Bearing of accurate and columnar roller has very good radial carrying capacity, and circumgyrate precision also can get very good assurance. A few more current relatively the bearing to the entrance dependence of high accuracy and bigger norms rate is older, will tell from the class that increases numerical control revolving stage, to select the right kind that prop up, need considers all sorts of operating mode conditions integratedly, for example the requirement such as traversal speed, lubricant circumstance, laden circumstance, precision, the gift of the type that prop up that chooses on this foundation develops the optimum behavior of bearing. Origin: Hangzhou accept believes limited company of especially mechanical equipment CNC Milling CNC Machining